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Better Rejuvenation with Rejeunesse Filler – 2024 Guide

The rapid development of the cosmetology industry is obvious, especially, in recent years. We see more and more solutions for beauty procedures introduced to the market, many of which are able to substitute plastic surgeries. Such growth is stimulated by many companies that are changing the industry of rejuvenation treatment right now. Rejeunesse is one of the most prominent players in this market.

Rejeunesse is a popular brand in the industry of cosmetics. This company produces solutions used all over the world. Currently, we would like to introduce you to the most popular products of the brand. Let’s discover their biggest advantages and disadvantages, their use cases, and the expected effects on skin health and appearance.

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Rejeunesse Deep

Unfortunately, no one can avoid the natural aging process without special involvement. Luckily, there are such products as Rejeunesse Deep produced by one of the most popular producers of solutions in the cosmetics industry. Rejeunesse Deep is the most popular solution of the brand as it has the most efficient anti-aging properties and is easy to get.

The major purpose of the Rejeunesse Deep use is to increase the volume of cheeks and lips and improve their appearance in a natural way. Such an effect is achieved thanks to the skin moisture content. The fact that the product contains cross-linked fibers also ensures that the result will be long-lasting and won’t disappear just a week after the injection. Also, Rejeunesse filler for lips can be effectively targeted on other facial areas. The monophasic structure of the solution will ensure that the whole volume will be distributed equally.

Rejeunesse Fine

Rejeunesse Fine


While Rejeunesse Deep is mostly used to correct the volume of lips and cheeks, Rejeunesse Fine can be efficiently used as an anti-aging product that fights wrinkles. The size of wrinkles and their depth doesn’t matter, since this product, based on hyaluronic acid, stimulated changes in any facial areas where it’s injected. This helps to make skin look healthier and more attractive.

Except for visual features, Rejeunesse Fine stimulates changes in actual skin health conditions. This means that the properties of hyaluronic acid accelerate the hydration process.

This product provides the best and the most long-lasting effects when applied against medium-deep wrinkles and folds close to the skin surface. In such cases, a single treatment of several sessions can provide effects lasting no less than 8 months.

Rejeunesse Shape

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Rejeunesses Shape is a product that has a really strong and long-lasting effect, which is achieved thanks to the presence of cross-linked fibers. It can reach the deepest layers of the derma and periosteum. This makes this solution a perfect option for those who not just want to achieve prophylactic results but perform a real anti-aging treatment with visible changes. Also, it should be noted that, unlike the previous two products of the brand, Rejeunesse Shape was developed to correct the shape of a face.

Thanks to the long-lasting, solid, and deep effect of the product, it’s mostly suggested to people over 50 years. In the category of contouring fillers, Rejeunesse Shape is one of the industry leaders.

What are the key advantages of the Rejeunesse filler?

All these products belong to the same brand but they have different specifications and are used for different purposes. Here are the general advantages of the Rejeunesse filler displayed:

  • The major purpose is to improve skin health and its visual conditions. This is achieved thanks to the presence of hyaluronic acid and other components that help to add volume to different facial areas and improve the hydration process in the deepest layers of the skin.
  • The equal distribution of the hyaluronic-based solution across the facial areas ensures the proper elimination of wrinkles and fine lines of different sizes.
  • The procedure of the treatment with the help of the Rejeunesse filler is completely painless for a client. Although agents of the solutions are delivered to the skin through injections, they aren’t painful due to the content of the product’s agents.
  • The product is also safe for use as it contains purified and high-quality hyaluronic acid components and does not contain BDDE cross-linker residues.
  • The effects of this dermal filler last for a long period. That’s why a single treatment might be enough to achieve a temporary effect and stop taking the following sessions if the result is unsatisfactory. As a rule, the effects from the first treatment are visible for 8 -12 months, due to its high concentration of cross-linked fibers.

Despite all the advantages of the Rejeunesse brand, every patient should consider that solutions for any anti-aging treatment and rejuvenation procedures should be chosen by qualified specialists in accordance with the physical condition of a patient.

Whom do we suggest using Rejeunesse Filler?


Rejeunesse products are perfect for people who are willing to fight aging processes and improve the general health and appearance of the skin. Due to the deep effect of the Rejeunesse filler, it’s commonly suggested to people over 50 years who already have some skin issues, not just want to improve its elasticity.

We suggest using the Rejeunesse filler for those who face the following issues:

  • Poor appearance of skin and volume in certain facial areas.
  • Poor skin texture and structure with the lack of moisture content.
  • Deep wrinkles in different facial areas.

How the Rejeunesse Filler is used and stored


  • The solution is delivered through the injection with a 27G needle on the eyebrows, perioral lines, lip, nasolabial, and forehead.
  • It’s suggested to inject up to 1.1ml of the solution into the targeted facial area.
  • The product should be stored at a proper temperature (2-25 degrees Celsius) without exposure to sunshine.

Under any circumstance, the solution should be applied only by a qualified professional to a patient that has no contraindications related to physical issues or allergic reactions to any of the product’s components. The proper use of the solution under the watch of a professional cosmetologist isn’t supposed to lead to any systematic reactions, major side effects, or other health issues.