Advantages of Renting a House for Your Vacation in Nantucket

Who among us does not dream of a vacation on the island? Turn off the alarms, don’t look at your watch, and stop “smelling roses,” as Americans say. Switch completely to the “holiday on the island” mode of operation. It’s time to put health first and give yourself the rest you deserve. Isn’t this pre-spring period ideal for a mind and body detox?

We all need an escape from everyday life and vacation at least once a year. Of course, we don’t all have the same notions of vacation. Some prefer dynamic vacations while others are fond of enjoying silence and peace, reading a book on the beach, and listening to the waves. One thing is for sure – those who decide to vacation in Nantucket will get both. The beaches are a real little paradise. The sound of waves and seagulls. On the other side of the beach, pleasant music from the beach bars. If you searched for your peace of heaven, you’ve found it.

Nantucket is an island that belongs to the US state of Massachusetts. This island has a very rich history and is increasingly mentioned as a perfect place for rest, fun, and exploration.

There are many reasons why this island should be your choice for a vacation this year. When it comes to accommodation, the options are varied, from hotel accommodation to private apartments and houses. However, we give great preference to renting a house for several reasons.

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You have privacy


Nowadays, money plays a role in almost everyone’s choice, but at the same time, it requires the satisfaction of other components – car safety, quality, and cleanliness of the accommodation. This is exactly what private accommodation offers. Besides, the very thought that you can act freely, play music a little louder, and start bothering your neighbors is tempting, isn’t it?

It is cheaper

What attracts many when it comes to hotel accommodation is the thought that you don’t have to think about food while on vacation. However, on the other hand, this can be an additional expense if you are picky. Therefore, we prefer to rent a house. Is there anything more beautiful than barbecuing with the family after a day at the beach? What is important is to be careful if you rent online, because unfortunately it often happens that the images in the ads do not match what awaits you. Congdon and Coleman can help you to find exactly what you want.

Lots of things to see

We have already mentioned that this island has great historical significance, and therefore many interesting locations to visit. Sightseeing will be even more interesting if you rent a bike. In this way, you will visit everything you want and at the same time enjoy physical activity.

Nantucket is the first choice for many tourists when it comes to holidays. Why wouldn’t that be the case, when there are so many attractive destinations with a rich offer of content. It is precise because of so much diversity that it is sometimes difficult to make a choice. Landscape and ecological diversity will enchant nature lovers. Forests, mountains, canyons, gorges, and lagoons provide an opportunity for visitors to explore the isolated locations of this beautiful island.



What would a holiday on the island be like without water sports and sailing? Nantucket is known for whaling so sailing can be a real adventure. No, you don’t have to hunt them, but we’re sure the experience would also be to see the largest mammals in the world.

Security at the time of the pandemic

Whether we believe in a coronavirus pandemic or not, the fact is that we cannot ignore it because preventive measures are still in place in most countries. The hotel accommodation has a larger number of tourists that you meet, which leads to a higher chance of contracting the coronavirus. The hotel accommodation offers boarding services, so you will have your meal among several hundred guests with whom you share a restaurant space. If we take into account that every hotel complies with all future protocols in food preparation, we cannot say that hotel accommodation is the safest. If you have chosen private accommodation and you have recommendations for the landlord, we can say that you have made a great choice.

A paradise for children

Although young children will probably not be able to remember or say either the name of the beach or the name of the place where it is located or the name of the island, they will certainly remember this beach. Umbrellas and deck chairs can be rented on the beach, and various sports and recreational facilities are offered, such as water slides, pedal boats, surfboards, etc. Rescue service is not out of the question, and as a parent, you will feel calmer at the thought of great cafes and restaurants surrounding the beach.

It is no secret that a quality and balanced life requires rest. However, in the fast-paced and turbulent times we live in, many neglects this important aspect of human health. It is no secret that the use of vacation has a positive impact on our mental health. It is more important than we really think to take some time for ourselves, and this is confirmed by a number of researches. According to recent studies, just one short vacation, no matter in which environment (staying at home or going on a trip), can significantly, positively, and directly affect our mental health.


As we can see, there are many reasons to visit this island. Find out what attracts an increasing number of tourists and even those who decide to buy real estate after visiting this amazing island. They say that whoever meets the emperor of Nantucket once, always comes back …