Replace Your Mattress if You Want Comfort and Quality of Sleep

Who doesn’t love sleeping, but with age your sleep deteriorates. Your sleeping hours may reduce from 9 to 6 hours and if you don’t even get those hours of rest, then you are not only tormenting yourself, but also others. Your entire day is dull leaving you frustrated and irate. This cannot be a reason for spoiling your relationship with anyone. 

Let’s take it age wise, if kids are short with sleeping hours then they feel dull all day. This can lead to loss of concentration and knowledge. Often you will find kids sleeping in classes. Although there are many schools who strictly provide at least an hour of nap to all young children. This not only keeps them fresh, but also helps them to stay healthy. 

However, when kids are sleep deprived, they often run away from physical activities and look for excuses to lie on the couch the entire day. Teenagers have a tendency of sleeping late at night. Well, this is a delicate phase where their mentality and thinking are completely at a different level. They are engrossed in electronic gadgets and social media all day long. 


Even nights are dedicated to friends and other relationships to be more precise. This is why if they don’t sleep early and get up early, then they feel drowsy all day. In such instances, giving them permission to drive can be dangerous. Also, less sleep results in improper digestive systems which is another cause for acne and hair fall.

Adults have to work all day long at homes or offices, and they have to be alert and attentive all the time. Missing out on anything can result in loss of work. This alertness is possible only when adults have good hours of undisturbed sleep. 

Sound sleep keeps them fresh all day long. Thus, this helps in understanding work and managing household things easily. Also, if there is any gathering late in the evening, then they aren’t dull because they had a good relaxation time. 

Adults need to pay special attention to their sleeping habits. At the age of 30, people’s health starts deteriorating which shows on their face. Collagen synthesis is affected because of which their face becomes dull and you can experience puffy eyes and dark circles.


Coming to senior citizens, we all know that with age your body loses its stamina and therefore, when you don’t get tired your body relaxes less. This means less hours of sleep. However, if even less hours are disturbed, then there can be various health issues. First of all, sleep deprivation affects your heart. Less sleep results in stress and anxiety. 

Problems like depression, insomnia, stress or anxiety, that can be taken care of with professional help. Psychiatrists believe that all these problems can be sorted out when a patient sleeps properly without wondering about anything else or thinking of stressful tasks just before bed. If you have a good night’s sleep your day starts fresh. 

Sleeping together is good, but what if your mattress doesn’t support the weight of more than two people? Also, don’t you need your mattress to breathe or do you think that since the brand has given you a warranty of 25 years, the mattress must be Hercules?  

Smart shoppers keep their eyes open to check the latest and greatest mattresses that are launched in the market. With their unbiased reviews and feedback, many customers have been satisfied after purchasing a particular item. 

Every item has an expiry date, but if you overdo it, then this expiry date comes early. A good mattress is what we are talking about that can provide you with sound sleep. Of course, you don’t wish to get a feeling that you’re sleeping on a cement bed. A bed’s job is to maintain your body in good shape. The good shape doesn’t mean it helps in maintaining your figure, but it surely provides the right posture. Why are kids asked to sit straight and study while sitting on the chair? This is because it keeps their spine straight and eyesight strong.  



The bed is meant to lie down and relax. Even if you prefer studying on the bed then your mattress should be in good condition so that your spine doesn’t bend. A bend in your spine or strain on pressure points can make it weak and you might face problems like spondylitis. Thus, whenever you feel that it is time to swap your old mattress don’t think twice or check your pocket. Your entire body rests on the mattress whereas the foam keeps it in proper alignment. 

Not everyone understands the signals given by the mattress to indicate that it’s the moment to swap it. Hence, here are few elements that might help you –

  • Aging of mattress
  • Pain in the body every morning
  • Noise
  • Sagging
  • Dust and mites

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Aging of mattress

Aging happens, no matter if your brand is quite renowned and always uses good quality foam and coil to manufacture a mattress. According to SleepJunkie none of the bedding can live long for more than 8 or 10 years. Even if you flip it every six months or ensure that they are cleaned once in a month. There is a particular time after which you will observe sagging, lumps, holes, cracks, noise and stains. If your brand has a warranty of more than 10 years, then it is for coils and certain other parts of the mattress. So, mark the date in your calendar when you bought it and ensure changing it right after 10 years. 

Pain in the body every morning


When you wake up after sunrise your entire body aches, especially your back and neck. This is because your spine’s alignment wasn’t proper on the foam. Foam has sagged because of which your spine had to face a lot of strain on the joints. Often there have been days when on waking up, you felt something missing. Either your night was restless or your partner kept you awake. 

Whenever you wake up after dawn you feel stiffness in your body which goes away after a few stretching. This happens because your foam is no longer soft. Due to tremendous and constant pressure on one pint, the foam has flattened. This means there isn’t any soft feeling left, which is why you love your sofa more than your bed. Not taking proper sleep can make you dull, and you will lose your concentration level. Your work can get hampered, and you will always feel frustrated. 


Most mattresses have steel coils that support your foam. Depending upon the resilience of your spring either the mattress is firm or gentle. If excessive pressure is put on it starts breaking and resilience reduces. This majorly happens when an overweight person sleeps at one place or kids jump on a mattress for fun. Excessive wear and tear lead to breaking of foam and damaging coils. Thus, when you lie down, sit or get up, it makes a noise as if trying to breathe. 



This means your mattress has gained a lot of depression in one place. This can be uneasy when you rest on it. If you sleep sideways, then you can roll to the place where it is sagging more and if you sleep on your stomach or back it can bend your spine, thus you have pain in the morning. 

Dust and mites

Although pocketed coils circulate air within, that keeps your mattress cool at night and you sweat less. However, every coil is layered with foam. The quality of foam determines the standard of the product. Poor quality foam will always attract dust and stain. This can help in growth of mites. If dust and allergens accumulate in your mattress, then that can become infectious for your family and whosoever is sleeping on it can get allergies. 

There are many people who lose or gain weight and accordingly stress is put on the mattress. If you wish to increase the life of your bedding for another two or three years from the date of expiry, then keep flipping it. This means head shifted to foot and vice versa. This way your weight will be distributed evenly. Also, at least once in a week, use vacuum to maintain hygiene and protect your mattress by covering it with a mattress cover. 

Having a mattress made out of natural materials like the ones from Snoozel Green also helps with dust mites. Latex is naturally dust mite resistant because they aren’t able to pass through the material due to its solid structure.