Enjoy A Rewarding Career As A Job Coach!

Are you someone who wants to help other people? Do you feel you can make a difference in people’s lives, especially people who have difficulties such as a disability? Then you are that special someone who could pursue a very rewarding career as a Job Coach for people with disabilities, they need your help!

If that sounds like the perfect fit for you, then pay a visit to your local disability employment agency and inquire into their Job Coaching program, they are always looking for dedicated people with generous, caring natures to take on this important role! These agencies empower job seekers who are living with disability, injury, or mental health issues to find meaningful employment. These people have a lot to give and are some of the most valuable members of the workforce, your job would be to help empower and guide them to success!

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So, what qualifications would you need to have to go to work as a Job Coach? The role is accessible to anyone, formal qualifications aren’t required. You might come from any work background, what matters is that you are excited about building relationships and helping others achieve their life goals! If that’s you, then Job Coach is a wonderful career move, people like you are very much in demand!

If you decide to follow this course you will receive training that will give you all the knowledge and tools you will need to succeed, and help others succeed, too! Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons being a Job Coach is such a rewarding career!

You will:

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-Help your program participants to reach their full potential.

-Assist them in securing and maintaining sustainable and meaningful employment.

-Support people in their journey to achieve great things in their lives.

-Help break down employment barriers and demonstrate that people with disability can be valuable additions to a work team.

-Be an important member of an organisation that is dedicated to reducing the underemployment of people who live with a disability

-Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that you have personally contributed to improving someone’s life in a profound way.

-Be constantly challenged to achieve your own personal best.

-Use the skills and experience you have accrued to make positive impacts on the lives of people that face difficulties because of their disability.

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Finding a job can be a very challenging process at the best of times, and it’s sadly true that businesses are sometimes trepidatious about hiring people with a disability. One of your most important roles as a Job Coach will be helping those you work with to break down both real and imagined barriers and empower them to demonstrate just what a great asset to a business they can be!

The Australian Human Rights Commission fully supports the hiring of people with disabilities. We hope this inspires you to consider seeking a career as a Job Coach for people with disability, it will be the most rewarding job you ever do, and you will enjoy the warm feeling of knowing that you have made a big difference in the lives of people who are struggling, helping to make their lives better!