Safest Way For Baby-led Weaning

Baby-led weaning is safe if it’s done right, according to website. If you have a baby and want it to start eating solid food slowly, there are a number of things you should know first.

Numbers of parents who use the “baby-led weaning” approach is rising each year, usually when their child is about six months old. They need to start with finger foods and avoid spoon feeding and purees. There are plenty of benefits to this method.

Your baby will develop some oral-motor skills, better dexterity and there is less chance that it would become a picky eater.

This experience can be scary for new parents because there is always a fear of choking. You should also know that you’re not a bad parent if you feed your child purees.

We all agree that there is no right way to introducing solids to your baby. What works perfectly for one child might be a disaster for the other one. Some babies prefer finger foods, whereas there are some who enjoy eating with a spoon.

It can all depend on your child’s mood, meal and time of the day. It is very important not to force your baby to eat, but follow it’s cues. Baby-led feeding lets your child control how much they want to eat. It allows them to eat enough food for it’s needs and to feel full.

Your baby will probably gag the first couple of times, but that’s completely normal since it’s a natural reflex that prevents them from choking. At about six months old, your baby will be ready for solids, but there is a high chance that it will choke while eating. For that reason, it is smart to take a course for an infant CPR/First Aid, and not to freak out if that happens. Babies might freak out as well, but parents should stay calm and let the baby do it’s job of gagging.

Babies’ bodies are not prepared for standard meals such as spicy food, salt and pepper. You should avoid putting much salt or sugar into it’s food to prevent kidney damage. Meals should include iron-rich foods (eggs, fish, meat), and you can feel free to try soft fruit, vegetables, yogurt, and cheese.

Focus on whole foods and always read the list of ingredients while you’re shopping. Many products include harmful ingredients such as salt, additives and preservatives that you need to avoid. Products should have lots of protein, fibers, vitamins and minerals. It’s good to give them food with probiotics, which helps with their immune and digestive system.

Baby-led weaning can be very messy, and there is no need to clean the chair every ten minutes. Make sure the high chair is not hard to clean, plastic ones are the best ones to get.

Giving your baby tiny pieces of food will not work since they are not able to grab onto them. They need to pick it up by themselves and gnaw on it.  Avoid stringy foods, popcorn, seeds, nuts and other food that they can easily choke with.