Safety Tips Every Beginner Driver Should Know About

Driving is both an exciting and daunting task for beginners as they have to be conscious of their actions. Some fail to stick by the driving rules, whereas some follow them with the utmost perfection and master the art of driving. If you also wish to become perfect at driving, then connect with drivinglessonsolihull for learning the driving lessons from experienced instructors.

Besides taking the lessons, you have to be aware of your actions because, as a beginner, you will feel confused and make a lot of mistakes. Thus, to help you in your driving journey, we have brought some safety tips that every beginner driver should know about. More importantly, you need to follow these tips for your safety even when you become an experienced driver.

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Start accelerating slowly:

Accelerating with high speed can leave you confused and can further lead to loss of control over the car. At times, you may even notice the temptation to hit the accelerator at high speed as soon as the signal turns green. But this is not an ideal reaction as it can become dangerous if you aren’t able to control the car. Hence, always start accelerating slowly and exercise self-control for your safety. Remember that whenever you start from an ideal position, begin gradually, and then increase the speed.

Keep control on the brake:

It is necessary to keep control of the brake just as you would do in the case of an accelerator. You should learn to recognize when you need to stop the car and start applying pressure on the break. If you stop instantly with an urgent break, you might hit the steering wheel and get injured. Hence, it is essential to learn how much pressure you should apply on the break, depending on the outside situations. For instance, whenever you see a yellow signal, start applying light pressure on the brake and then maintain the pressure until your car halts.

Keep a safe distance from other vehicles:

Remember to maintain a considerable distance between your car and other vehicles on the road. This tip applies to both the new and experienced drivers. Although experienced drivers are aware of the immediate action steps, it is better to be safe rather than getting caught in any issues. While driving, you will observe that the front-vehicle drivers take instant turns, stop inadvertently, or change lanes without showing any signals. Such actions become dangerous for everyone on the road. Hence, it is advisable to keep a safe distance from other vehicles and stay a disciplined driver regardless of other’s uncertain behaviour.

Hold the wheel firmly:

Always remember to hold the steering firmly as it helps you control the car. Even when you are taking turns or moving straight, it is essential to maintain firm pressure without being too aggressive on the wheel.

Always maintain speed limits:

As you learn driving, you will feel tempted to hit the speed limits and enjoy the ride to the fullest. But remember that even a small mistake from your side can cost many lives. Hence, it is essential to maintain the speed limits not only for following the law but also to keep yourself and others safe from any unfortunate incidents. Moreover, you never know what further vehicle might go through. In such cases, if you are driving at a steady speed, you will have more time to react to the incident and take immediate action to save your life.

The speed limits on roads are determined by the engineers where they consider the road type, traffic volume, sight distance, and accident history. After calculating all the factors, they decide a speed limit so that all the vehicles transit safely. And to follow the safety precaution, you always have to be careful about your speed limits regardless of the speed of other vehicles.

Always follow the road signs:

As a driving learner, you will have to understand and learn all the road signs. They are a foundation of your learning process and note that you won’t be able to give the practical test until you qualify the theoretical test for driving. All those signs, including the safety signals, pavement markings, map directions, location type, etc., are created and posted for a reason. Hence, learn all the road signs and make sure you follow them while driving. Remember to follow this tip even when you become an experienced driver.

Do not change your lanes:

It is important to stick to one lane when you are driving on busy highways. Many roads indicate the purpose of some lanes, and you have to follow them. Moreover, if you want to take a turn or change the lane, be careful enough to show indicators and move without being too speedy. If you know that you have to take an exit or a U-turn, start moving in that direction early enough without waiting for the end to arrive. It will help other drivers to stay on their lane without being cut off in the mid-way. When you have to ride a long-distance without many turns, it is better to stay in the middle lane as it is considered to be the safest option.

Learn to communicate efficiently:

While driving, communication happens efficiently with the help of horns, headlights, mirrors, and indicators. Learn to use them wisely for communicating with other drivers. For instance, use the signals before you take a turn because it will help the other drivers to react and change their speed without any hurry.

Use horn only when it is needed, such as to warn other drivers about their misleading driving behaviour. Additionally, use the mirror the check the vehicles behind you and indicate them if you want to take an exit. Also, make sure to keep yourself safe and aware of other driver’s behaviour.


While learning your driving lessons, you may feel intimidated, but you can try to overcome all the fears with continuous practice. You will also become aware of how to tackle different situations and soon be ready to hit the road on your own. And make sure to always follow the safety tips as they will help you stay a disciplined driver for your lifetime.