What Do You Need to Know About Saved Searches?

For someone who is using NetSuite software, he/she is most likely aware that this software can retrieve any information you might need from its database. All you need is an internet connection that works properly. 

Naturally, this means that can use saved searches in getting any needed information whenever you need it. We are going to focus on what saved searches are and how they are working.


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What are Saved Searches?

Saved searches are queries which can be used as much as you want. They can have display options and advanced filters as a result. Whenever you run one particular saved search, the information will be retrieved from a database and displayed before you. If the data you are trying to retrieve has been changed, there is a risk that you can`t retrieve it with a saved search. If you refresh the result, you will probably have the information available.

What Saved Searches Can Be Used For?

We are going to present you with the possibilities that you have with saved searches.
• You can use them for any kind of list viewing. Also, that includes any sublist view.
• They can be used from exporting any kind of data from NetSuite and similar software.
• Using them for creating a dashboard reminder proved very useful.
• Creating email alerts.
• You can use them from any kind of KPIs.
• Any other use you may find for them.


How Can I Make Them More Effective?

In order to make saved searches more effective, you need to do a good job of optimizing them, when you start creating them. If you have a good understanding of how they are working, there is a higher chance that you will do a better job of optimizing them.

• You should avoid using Contains in your queries whenever possible.
• Using the biggest filters first has been proven a good choice in optimizing your saved searches.
• Make a schedule for searches that will take more time than usual to run.
• All of the unnecessary data should be removed from the results.
• Skip the pauses that are offered by the software. That time you will save more time.


How to Find the Right Balance for Saved Search Functionality?

There are a few simple things you can do to achieve a better balance of saved search functionality.
• Make your emails customizable. All the fields should be customizable.
• You should be able to export the search results in order to be used in other similar software.
• If you want a search result that is clean and presentable, you should summarize them. Making this clear will save you a lot of time.
• Sending triggered or scheduled emails will let you put your mind at ease, for some things at least. We feel that this is understandable enough, so we will not go into further details.
• Using SQL functions and mathematical operators for translating the formats of data has been proved as very useful.


The Conclusion

Using saved searches in your everyday business obligations will help you in various ways. Especially if you are working with some software that needs a constant reminder or searching and retrieving data from a certain database. Instead of making it hard on yourself, you can resolve various situations in a few repetitive actions.