Selling a Mansion in Beverly Hills? Use Luxury Real Estate Postcards to Reach Your Target Market

Scoring high-end clients is every realtors’ dream come true goal. With just one simple sale, you can be able to make more than you have made the entire year, and you get to significantly increase your GCI. However, it’s not easy to score these high-end clients, but using the right techniques can help you land on the right side of luxury real estate.

There are several things you could factor in such as making sure that your marketing exudes luxury and that you develop a personal relationship with your clients. High-end customers love their time to be respected and used well, and with the right marketing strategy, you can show them just the value you are offering.

One great way to exude luxury, class, and professionalism to someone looking to purchase a high-end Beverly Hills mansion is with a real estate postcard. Contrary to the popular belief that using real estate postcards is an outdated form of marketing, combining them with a good marketing strategy can be very effective.

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Why Use Real Estate Postcards?

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  • Your postcard is guaranteed to be delivered to the intended recipient and be received, unlike email sends. You can also totally omit addresses or use a current resident to protect against an addressee who no longer lives at the said location.
  • They have a long marketing lifespan due to their tangible nature. This means they can be passed from one person to another very easily. Your postcards form a marketing chain of their own.
  • It is easy to carry out geo-targeting. This way you can get to target the particular neighborhood or market group that interests you the most.
  • A good postcard can portray the value of your organization. Though a good postcard with a beautiful layout and other professional print elements is expensive, it can be a good way to let customers know the value of your company.

Using real estate postcards is a very cost-effective way to market to your real estate prospects. There are a variety of postcards to choose from including recipes, home tips, just listed/just sold, and many others. The costs of using real estate postcards come down to as low as 50 cents per postcard.

How to Effectively Market With Postcards

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As earlier mentioned, marketing with postcards is all about having a good plan and strategy in place. First, select a geo-market that is most likely to buy the types of services and goods you want to sell. A good mark can be an area with at least a 6% turnover rate in the past. It is best to avoid areas that have been heavily invaded by other established real estate agents.

Next, mail your postcards to this area at least once a month. You can send more mails in the first two months but do not exceed once a week. This way, you achieve the balance of having your market know you but not in a boring and annoying way. It is important to stay consistent with your mail and the message that your brand is sending out about its company and values

Lastly, remember that real estate postcards are a game of patience. Be patient, as expecting immediate returns can discourage you from marketing further. Sometimes, it takes up to 9 months before you can see any returns although prior brand recognition can aid in making the returns faster.

Types of Postcards to Use

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Here are a variety of postcards to consider in your realtor business:

Just listed / just sold postcards: these types of postcards can easily be used to show an open house that is available for viewing. Homeowners will get to know the available houses through your postcards.

Market updates: with these postcards, you can be able to show your expertise in the localized market you intend to advertise to. Your aim here is to provide hyper-relevant information that clients look forward to reading because of its extremely informative nature.

Automated seller valuation: these tell homeowners the value of their homes or their properties. The aim of the marketing here is to get clients to take a call to action so that they can receive a valuation of their homes. This can be clicking a website, scanning a QR code, or calling a number. Although the valuations are not correct to the tee, this is a great way to build brand recognition with your clientele.

Fun postcards: these can serve as breathers from your normal postcard send-outs. They can help you to interact with your clients more personally while reminding them that you want to serve them and their real estate needs. They can range from recipes, cocktails, and drawing and coloring postcards for children.

Getting Started On Real Estate Postcards

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You are probably racking your head and wondering where to start. Well just start by determining what your budget for the postcards is. Since the benefits of postcards are only seen after trying for a long period, you can plan to have a budget of up to 9 or 12 months. Afterwards,  you can figure out your target audience or area. You can start from your home turf and branch out.

The good thing is that there are firms that are dedicated to making the process as easy as possible for you. All you have to do is fill out a form online with the relevant details and spend a little time getting your content calendar together. After that, your postcards will start getting rolled out.

The use of real estate postcards helps improve the scalability of your market reach by building your capacity for listing. You allow the postcard to work for you as you can have the listings come to you over time without you having to go for them. It sure takes time, but it’s it worth it when you stick to it.