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8 Signs You Have Sewer Line Problems And What You Can Do

It is essential to locate and fix leaks as soon as they are discovered, particularly when it comes to sewage pipelines. The problem may be more complicated than simply a blocked sewer line if your sinks, tubs, and toilets are regularly backing up and spewing unclean sewage water onto your flooring. Sewer lines play an important role in your home. The job of the septic tank is to transport waste away from your house through your sewer system.

The issue may be due to a damaged or cracked drain pipe in your house or yard. After all, a broken sewage line requires emergency plumbing which will be helpful in diagnosing the problem. If you know what signs to look for, you will have an easier time locating the issue with your sewage line and getting it fixed.

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Symptoms That Point To A Damaged Sewage Line

When you discover that you have a sewage leak, you can feel rotten, but you can stress less by hiring a reputable Evanston plumber to fix it for you. It’s actually possible to spot a problem with a sewer pipe by looking for certain signs. Here are some obvious signs that you need plumbing repairs for your sewer line.

1. Blockages And Backups In The Sewage System

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Backups in the sanitary sewer often occur in the drain with the lowest available space. An obstruction along the system brings on, most of the time, a backlog of sewage. You may notice a backup whenever you flush the toilet or run water down the drain of your sink or bathtub; the issue is most likely located in your main sewage line. All drains depend on the main sewer line to function correctly. On the other hand, if the clogs are only occurring in a single drain, then the issue is most likely localized to just that drain.

2. Your Drains Often Get Clogged With Debris

If the clog is only occurring in one drain, then the issue is most likely isolated to just that one drain. On the other hand, if every drain in your house is clogged, there may be a problem with the sewage line. The presence of frequent backups is an indicator that your sewage line is either faulty or decaying. In addition, you may have an issue with tree roots intruding into the system if you’re continuously eliminating the obstructions only to have them reappear after you do so. Make arrangements for a sewer camera check with a company that repairs sewers.

3. Sewer Gas Odor

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If you or anybody else in your house or building smells sewage gas, this is a telltale sign of a breach in your sewage system somewhere else in the building or your home. It is recommended that sanitary sewers be airtight everywhere except for the vent stacks on the roof, which should be left open so that sewage may flow downhill. It indicates that there should never be a sewage odor unless you have cracked or opened sanitary sewer lines. If you smell sewer odor, there is a problem with your sanitary sewer lines.

4. Sprawling, Verdant Grassy Field Area

The presence of luxuriant areas in your yard that remain green, bright, and healthy even as everything else goes brown is one of the most apparent and difficult-to-miss symptoms you have in a collapsed sewage line. Although the water and nutrients from your sewage line make for great fertilizers, using this form of irrigation on a long-term basis is not suggested. Toxins may accumulate in the soil over time and seep to the surface, exceptionally if the ground is turned over or otherwise disturbed.

5. Soggy Lawn

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Your grass may become smelly and boggy if there is a break in the sewage line, in addition to becoming green. It may result in the formation of a sinkhole in the area around the break, rendering this portion of your yard inaccessible until the broken sewage pipe can be repaired. The marshy conditions will also attract pests like mosquitoes and rats, which may then make their way into your house or nearby businesses, possibly spreading dirt and diseases.

6. You Have Issues With The Drainage

If the water in your drain pipes is moving slowly, you may have a clog in one of the pipes, which might ultimately lead to a backup issue. If you clean the blocked sewage line, but the problem continues coming back, it’s possible that tree roots caused the obstruction. Do not, under any circumstances, attempt to clean your drains with chemical products. They have the potential to damage drain pipes made of cast iron and PVC. Instead, get in touch with a qualified expert as possible and arrange an examination to determine what’s happening.

7. Infestation of Rodents And Other Pests

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To continue on this train of thought, an unexpected rise in the activity of rodents and insects may indicate a break in the sewage line. Rodents often build their homes in sewage pipes but can enter houses via the tiniest of holes because they are so skinny. Insects that can squirm their way through cracks in drain pipes, spawn in the water that remains stagnant after it has been drained, and therefore increase very quickly are a concern. In addition to fixing the broken sewage line, it is necessary to take preventative measures against the potential health hazards of rats and insects.

8. Toxic Mold And Mildew

The presence of damp patches on your house’s ceilings, walls, or floors may indicate a collapsed sewage line or a broken water pipe. Mold and mildew may quickly grow through a building if water penetration from a nearby sewage or water line is allowed to continue unchecked. Because these spores may induce severe allergic responses, and because these fungi have the potential to eat their way through organic building materials over time, they can cause damage to the interior, exterior, or foundation of your house.

Closing Remarks

If you are experiencing any of these signs of a broken sewage line, you need to have a competent expert do a sewer check on your property as soon as possible. Unanticipated problems with your plumbing systems might result in significant property damage to your house.