Check Out The Newest Concept By Skoda, The Mountiaq Pickup Truck

Based on the Kodiaq SUV by Skoda, the Skoda Mountiaq is imagined as an extended-cab pickup that has tons of hardcore off-road features. It was a design made by the 35 apprentice designers who attend the Skoda Vocational School.

They spent around eight months while working on the Mountiaq, and their impressive devotion and unreal attention to detail is evident on every corner. The overall muscular stance of the pickup is enhanced with the bull bar, winch, and snorkel, while plenty of LED lighting shines form the front.

The bed has a diamond plate that can hide a number of different storage compartments underneath, and leave the main cargo area free of extra items. Although the Mountiaq is just a concept, it would be wrong not to keep it in mind with the future models of Skoda.

The vehicle sports a special Sunset Orange paint finish. Apprentices from seven different career paths were involved, and six of them are ladies. This is the sixth Student Car by the brand, and the remarkable result shows a bright future for the Czech manufacturer. They were supported by their mentors from the Production, Design, and Technical Development departments.

Carsten Brandes, the head of Skoda Academy, says this about the concept and its designers: “Like its predecessor models, the ŠKODA MOUNTIAQ highlights the exceptional technical competence and craftsmanship of our students. Year after year, their work demonstrates the superior quality of the professional training at our vocational school.”

The name “Mountiaq” depicts the adventurous spirit and the fully off-road flair of the vehicle. It combines the modern lifestyle with the everyday usage of a heavy and muscular pickup truck. In the back end, the big Skoda brand sign pays tribute to the famous European brand.

The car is 4,999 mm long, 2,005 mm wide, and 1,710 mm tall. Wheelbase is 2,788 mm, and the truck weighs 2,450 kg. It has 10 cm more ground clearance than the Skoda Scout, for a total of 29 cm. This is mostly thanks to the 17 inch Rockstar II wheels, and a special type of off road tires that have very deep treads. Regarding the engine, it is a muscular 2.0 TSI petrol that gives it 140 kW (190 PS) of power.

From the first glance, the car screams off road. Thanks to the powerful look, a huge body, a set of big wheels, the winch at the front, as well as the LED bar on the roof, it truly seems like it can tackle whatever the nature throws at it.

Small details ae the trademark of the Skoda Academy apprentices. They fitted the car with a glowing brand logo in the roof lining, an integrated refrigerator, a set of 3D printer wheel hub ornaments, and two walkie talkies as a part of the equipment. The logo for the car is the car in front of a silhouette of a mountain, appropriate when you consider the name and the purpose of the car.

This logo is embroidered in orange on the backrests of the front seats, while the highlights on the steering wheel and the shift lever are also orange.

Lastly, the students fitted their brand new concept with a special sound system that will work together with the Kodiaq Columbus infotainment. They decided that the best way to go are 320 watt speakers, a 2000 watt amplifier, and a 2000 watt subwoofer.

The first Student Concept Car by Skoda came in 2014, and it was a two seater model of the Skoda Citigo, that was named Citijet. This was followed by the Funstar, which was a Fabia pickup, and the Atero, a coupe version of the Rapid Spaceback. In 2017, the apprentices form the school came up with the Element, an electric version of the Citigo. Last year, they made the fifth concept, the Sunroq, a convertible car based on the Karoq.