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Slip Ring And Its Features

The slip ring is an electromechanical device that transmits electric signals from the stationary phase to a rotating step. Slip ring used in rotating machines. It improves the mechanical performance and eliminates the chances of friction in moveable joints.

The collector ring is considered as a significant part for rotation in 360 degrees. It rotates without its limits. It is also known as rotating electrical connectors or electrical rotary joints. These parts of the device are commonly found is electrical generators for alternating current in packaging machines and wind turbines. It can also be used in rotating objects to transmit analog or digital signals. It is a method of making electrical connections that allows the flow of energy between two moving parts.

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Other names:

It is is also known as a rotary electrical contact and electrical collector ring. These are also called pneumatic electrical connector or collector rings. Somewhere there are also known as rotary unions. Some people even called it a commutator. But commutator is a somehow different thing because these are used on direct current and generators.

It can be used with a rotary union with a device, which is commonly known as a rotary union. The collector ring performs the same function as the rotary union does. These are integrated into rotary unions to transmit the signals. No power is applied in these device’s parts, and their primary purpose is to allow resistance in series with rooter windings. Usually, the current that is passed from a collector ring is power, bus signals, and encoder signals.

Composition of Slip Ring:

Usually, the It consists of fix metallic brush and a rotating the metal unit. Metallic brush rubs on outer side diameter or rotating metal ring. When the metallic ring is turned, the signal is transmitted, and a metallic ring makes a connection. If more than one circuit is needed than new brushes and new rings are combines to transmit the signals. This design is used in passing electric current to the channel. For more information click here.


These are available in many varieties and many sizes. This part of the devices allows unlimited rotations of the object. Nature and scope of these parts of the devices depend on the device and usage. Some common types of electrical connector are the following:

Types of slip rings

  • Mercury
  • Pancake
  • Wireless
  • Through Hole
  • M-Capsule
  • Customized
  • High Current
  • High-Speed
  • High-Temperature
  • Separate
  • Low-Cost Carbon Brush
  • Dust Proof And Waterproof

How To Choose A Proper Slip Ring:

To choose a collector ring first thing, you must have to keep in mind is operating applications, parameters and area of operation. Keep in mind its total circuits, current, running speed, mounting type and amps per channel. If you are choosing these types of parts, some significant features must be known to you because the pancake collector cannot operate as a through-hole electrical ring because both collectors are different in structure and performance. The life span of this device’s part depends upon the contact material of the ring, its rotational speed, vibration, and operating environment.

How To Choose A Proper Slip Ring

Through Hole:

The second name of through-hole slip ring is a hollow collector ring with a hole in the center. It is applied in any device where rotation at 360 degrees is required for signal transduction.

Through Hole

Features Of Through Hole Slip Ring:

  • It offers advanced multi-brush technology with low friction, and it ensures a strong current.
  • For better protection, housing is made up of metal.
  • It has an integrated structure design and easy installation.
  • The hole size of the through-hole collector varies from 3mm to 300mm.
  • The number of circuits varies from 0~300.
  • The standard current is 0~20A.
  • The standard voltage of through-hole slip ring 0~600VAC/VDC.
  • Circuit number, present, and energy are based on standard models.

M Capsule Slip Ring:

These are specially designed for data signaling and video transmission of small and medium-sized equipment like speed dome camera. It is also used in stage lights and drones.

M Capsule Slip Ring

Features of M Capsule Slip Ring:

  • It rotates at 360 degrees and transmits signals such as video signals, sensors, and control signals.
  • Low torque and low insertion loss are required.
  • No maintenance is needed for the M Capsule electrical connector.
  • It works with advance military level; gold-gold contact ensures its long working life.
  • Thickness is 6.6mm
  • Integrated structure design, easy installation is its primary feature.

 High Speed Slip Ring:

These are made from color-coded solder terminals on both sides of this part of the devices. These are permanently lubricated, so there is no need for regular cleaning and maintenance. A high-speed collector ring is ideal for operation where space is limited.

High Speed Slip Ring


  • Color-coded terminals
  • Light weighted
  • The high-quality brush is used in it
  • Housing material is made up of stainless steel.

High Current Slip Ring:

High current collector ring includes current of 50A, 100A, 250A, 500A, 1500A and 3000A. These are available in different sizes and power with easy installation. It is light weighted and suitable for plattings like gold plating, silver, and copper plating. The high current collector ring is used in industries and welding areas.

High Current Slip Ring


  • The size of the large current collector ring varies with the external and internal installation.
  • High current collector ring includes current of 50A, 100A, 250A, 500A, 1500A and 3000A.
  • It has small contact resistance with easy installation.
  • For better protection, housing material is made up of steel from the left and right side.
  • A high current collector ring is available in many sizes with the external and internal installation.


It is a flat disk ring on rotating shaft. It has excellent volume for the same circuits. Pancake ring reduces the number of circuits because it reduces the axial length. It has no torque and low resistance. Regular maintenance is not required. It does not cause any resistance. It transmits signals from the stationary phase to the rotary phase.

Pancake Slip Rings


It is a special kind of device’s part with a different structure that is used to guide the contact points. It consists of mainly three parts, ring core, differential mechanism, and upper and lower contact points.