Small Eco-Friendly Changes To Your Home To Help You Save Money

With the problem of climate change becoming more and more pressing there is an urge to make small changes to reduce our carbon footprint. But could it also save you money? With a number of people still turning to bad credit payday loans when faced with a financial emergency these money-saving, tips can give you the extra budget you need to pay for it out of pocket. These are our tips, here.

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Grow Your Own

One of the ways to make eco-friendly changes to your home is to grow your own. By having a vegetable patch in your garden, you can grow as much as you need, thus reducing your carbon footprint.

This will save you money in the long term as you will reduce the amount of fresh fruit and veg that you are buying in your weekly shop. Whether you decide to grow your own in a nearby allotment or you opt to grow them in your garden this is the perfect way to save money and eat healthily.

Go Electric

Another way that you can save yourself money with eco-friendly changes is by going electric or opting for a hybrid vehicle. This will not only help to reduce your carbon footprint, but it will also help to reduce the amount of money that you are spending on fuel. This is ideal for a family or someone that has a long daily commute as the car will do far more miles to the gallon as a result. As the world of electric cars continues to expand with the likes of Nissan and Toyota, there are a number of options for you to choose from allowing you to have the car you want that fits within your budget with ease.

LED Lightbulbs

Another addition to your home that can help you save money is an LED lightbulb. Not only does this last longer than the traditional lightbulb but they use much less energy as a result. An LED lightbulb uses 10W of energy compared to the 60W that an incandescent lightbulb uses. This is ideal for those that have a number of rooms in their home as this could be costing you a large sum of money in energy that is being lost. By making a small switch you could be using up to 90% less energy, thus helping to cut your bills substantially.

Invest In A Water Butt

One of the most common bills that are much higher than normal is the water bill. Whether this through watering the plants or filling up the swimming pool in the summer there are a number of reasons why this can be so high. One of the ways that you can resolve this is through investing in a water butt. This handy device collects the rainwater from the gutters and stores it in a container outside. This can be used to water the plants or fill up the bird bath as this is a water reserve that will not cost you any money. Although this cannot be used as an alternative for drinking water, this will help you to save money in the long term.

Whatever eco-friendly changes you decide to make there are a number of choices that can not only reduce your carbon footprint but can also save you money in the long term on your bills or typical household products.