Knowing What Stocks to Keep an Eye On – 2024 Guide

Half the challenge of operating on the stock market is to know what to buy and sell and when to do so. There are loads of companies that have their shares floating around at all times. And there are so many factors that determine the market value of every company’s shares. After you develop an understanding of the stock market, your next goal should be to keep certain stocks on your watchlist.

Today, we are going to look at the best stocks to buy right now. These are stocks from companies that have been doing well and are expected to continue to grow. The pandemic really left the stock market out of shape. The coronavirus bear market spelled out a bade time for pretty much everyone who was trading shares. Prices had been declining as people had been losing faith in the state of the economy. However, things are now getting better, according to The stock market has been enjoying a powerful rebound. People have begun regaining confidence in the economy, which is great.

At the moment, the stock market is enjoying a period of stability, but there’s still a bit of uncertainty in the air thanks to the upcoming elections in the US.

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How to Identify Good Stocks


Like we mentioned before, the stock market has a crazy amount of stocks floating around. Trying to identify promising stocks in this veritable sea of shares can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. Fortunately, there are ways of identifying stocks that are worth investing in.

You should keep factors such as quarterly/annual earnings, supply & demand, and recent product/service/management in mind. Stocks that have annual or quarterly earnings growth of 25% or more are worth investing in. You should also keep recent IPOs and not-yet-profitable companies that are producing loads of revenue. Their stocks can turn out to be great investments.

You should also keep the supply and demand trends of every stock in mind. Keep your eyes on the leading stocks from all industry groups. Also, go for stocks that have strong institutional support backing them up.

Identifying a stock that’s worth investing in doesn’t just end here. You also need to figure out what’s the best time to actually buy the stocks that you’ve been following. In order to determine when should you buy a stock, you should develop an understanding of the market direction. Bear in mind that even the most stable stock market can turn head over heels in no time at all.

It goes without saying that operating in the stock market is not easy. You need to develop a good grasp of all the factors that we mentioned above in order to stay ahead of the game. And the only way to really learn the ropes is to dive headfirst into the market. You cannot learn how to trade without actually taking part in the process.

A lot of people end up losing loads of money while trying to learn the ropes. If you’re a first-timer, we would recommend that you start by practicing with trading software. You can find stock market simulation software that lets you learn how the market works without having to actually use your money.

Stocks to Keep an Eye Out For

Currently, these companies have the most promising stocks in the market:

1. Alibaba


This Chinese e-commerce force is currently in the buy zone. And as things are shaping up, it is becoming more and more obvious that Alibaba’s stocks are about to hit another buy point in the near future.

According to data, Alibaba’s BABA stock has amazing share price performance and earnings, both of which are major strength indicators.

2. Veeva Systems Stock


This stock recently passed a buy point of 298.86. There was a pullback in the market last week, however, there was a promising rebound that lined everything right next to the buy point once again.

A quick analysis reveals that the long term performance of Veeva’s stock is really good. This makes it worth investing in.

Stocks That Should Be Avoided


We shouldn’t forget the fact that the economy hasn’t fully recovered yet. It’s still struggling after the effects of the coronavirus. And in a struggling economy, certain kinds of stocks should not be invested in.

Any company that does not have a moat should be avoided during times of struggle. This is because “no-moat” companies are unable to defend their market position as well as their competitors who do have moats. If you look at the stock market, no-moat stocks will have uncertain futures since their companies will have uncertain futures. You don’t want to put your money in stocks that end up losing their value because their companies were unable to maintain their profitability.

You can check the stock market in order to see which stocks have currently been assigned the no-moat status. In order to play it safe, investors should, for now, only invest in companies that are well-established and have obvious stable competitive advantages over their competition. Also, investors should favor stocks that are being sold at discounts in order to further widen their safety margin. Being cautious during uncertain times is always a good idea.

The stock market has been coming back to life and according to current trends, we can expect it to become more stable. The coronavirus bear market was not kind to anyone. However, the sudden upsurge caused by a steady recovery of economic trust is spicing things up again. Now is the perfect time to find stocks that are promising and investing in them.

With a bit of calculated decision making, stock traders can end up enjoying great returns. Operating in a stable, yet the still uncertain, market may be daunting for newcomers. This is why we would recommend that you play it safe and only invest in stocks that don’t leave any gaps for uncertainty. Trading in the stock market can be incredibly a profitable if you know what you’re doing.