Best Summer Vacation Destinations in Georgia 2024

Georgia is a safe place for tourists, with its landscape of mountains, oceans, lakes, forests, and farmlands. It has one of the lowest crime rates in Europe and is the perfect destination for nature, culture and history lovers. Although it is home to high summer temperatures, there are many ways you can beat the heat and have a great summer vacation regardless.

Summertime is the best vacation time for most people in any country and Georgia has some of the best summer destinations. In addition to having great vacation time, anyone interested in real estate transactions can take a chance and according to, you can get your most desired properties within Georgia.

Are you making plans to travel to Georgia and you have a hard time deciding on vacation destinations? Below is a list of some appealing destinations to try out.

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1. Canyons

Georgia is known for its several canyons, some of which include the Okatse, Martvili. Yupsharskiy, Dashbashi, Balda, and Eagle Canyons. The Okatse Canyon is a beautiful place home to nature’s finest pools and waterfalls. The Martvili Canyon has amazing scenery, as you could get a dark green view when taking a trip by the river.

The Dashbashi is closer to the capital- Tbilisi. It’s only about 2 hours drive from Tbilisi, which makes it one of the most visited sites in Georgia. It has an emerald green waterfall, which is the main attraction and the perfect spot for pictures.

2. Black Sea Coast

The Black Sea Coast in Georgia is known to have a charm of its own, as it is home to some of the best activities you can have during your summer vacation. Batumi is a Black Sea resort and port city that sees many tourists during summer; it is also known for its luxury hotels, cafes, bars, and clubs and is easily referred to as the Pearl of the Black Sea.

Batumi and another city known as Anaklia are also a favorite place for partygoers to dance until morning. Other things to see on the Black Sea Coast include The Georgian Riviera, Flora and Fauna, Waterfall Chasing, Tea Plantations, Public Art, and more.

3. Svaneti

Svaneti is a historic province of Georgia and a remote region; a great destination for travelers looking to have a great adventure. Some of the things to do in Svaneti to help you have a great stay includes paying a visit to the history and ethnography museum and learn more about the Georgian alpinist.

You could also hike as much as you can, as there are plenty of opportunities in this region for hikers. Ushguli is the most remote area of the region and most travelers hike up to the village, which takes up to four days.

4. Tusheti

Another very beautiful region in Georgia that attracts a large number of tourists every year is Tusheti. This region is located in northeast Georgia, specifically in the north area of Greater Caucasus Mountains. If you enjoy hiking, divine landscapes, and unspoiled nature and magnificent breathtaking mountain peaks, then a visit to the Tusheti region is right thing for you. Indeed, if you are in Georgia, you must visit this region because the experience is unique.

We must emphasize that visiting villages such as Diklo, Dartlo, Shenako, Parsma, Girevi and Omalo is great because of unique atmosphere. These are small villages that can offer you lots, first of all, enjoyment and local specialties of organic food. Also, it’s interesting that there are a lot of abandoned villages in the Tusheti region, so don’t be surprised by this fact on your trip.

5. Stepantsminda

If you type ‘the greatest tourist attractions in Georgia’ in your internet browser, there is no doubt that Stepantsmind will be on the list. Although it is a very small town located in north-eastern Georgia, Stepantsminda is highly visited by tourists. And there are plenty of reasons for that.

For example, hiking is another activity you can do in this town. The glaciers of Kazbegi Mountain are not far away, so it will be a truly fantastic experience. Still, that’s not all. There are also Gergeti Trinity Church as well as beautiful scenery. It is also important to note that the capital of Georgia is close so that if you visit Tbilisi you can also visit Stepantsmind.

6. Guria

In the end, we have to tell you a few facts about Guria. This is another beautiful region in this country between Europe and Asia and is located in western Georgia. On the east, there is the Black Sea. We mentioned Black Sea Coast before, and 22 km of coastline is located in Guria.

So that’s one of the reasons why you should visit it. In addition, this province has two alpine resorts, which means that the atmosphere is quite calm and you will be able to rest and relax the right way. There are indeed plenty of monasteries and churches such as Achi Church, Shemokmedi Monastery, Mtavarangelozi Church, Jumati Monastery, Zarzma Monastery, and many others worth visiting. Summer seems to be the perfect time to visit this region as the scenery is truly amazing, especially sunrise above foggy forests. It is also important to emphasize that the region is rich in pine forests.


One of the best ways to have a great vacation experience is to have your plans laid out ahead of time, including places to visit. The list here points to some of the favorite places tourists tend to visit on their trips to Georgia.