T-Shirt rags In Bulk: A Purchase That your Garage Needs

Grease, oil, and tar are some of the most tenacious stains that you can commonly come across in a garage. Moreover, tools in the toolboxes and any metallic object that is used in the garage need regular cleaning, too. If you do not want the dirt and grime to wreak havoc in your garage, you must get the cleaning routine right.

Getting your supplies ready for cleaning your garage is the first step towards having a fully useful garage.

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Garage Cleaning 101: Getting Started

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In this blog post, you will come across all the essentials that you need to keep your garage clean. Also, you will learn why recycled white cotton t shirt rags are quite an essential item on that list.

Essential Supplies For Cleaning A Garage

  • Sponge mops, scrub brushes, microfiber brushes, and cotton rags for cleaning.
  • Vinegar, warm water, dish soap mixture, and other chemical agents to remove all the dirt and grime.
  • Epoxy resins to coat the garage floor, and air fresheners to remove any unpleasant odor.

Why Used T Shirt Rags Are A Must In Your Garage Cleaning List

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The durability of cotton t-shirts is one reason why they are popular. Paper wipes will tear when used on a slightly abrasive surface. However, cotton rags have just the perfect texture wherein they do not scratch any surface but also last long enough without tearing.

If you buy a brand new cloth, it might quickly turn the water red or blue. Recycled rags that are made out of old t-shirts do not cause problems with color bleeds when used with solvents.

Removing gasoline stains is a tough job. You may have to use heavy-duty detergents or strong oxidizing agents like chlorine and bleach to get rid of gasoline strains. So it makes sense to use recycled cotton t-shirt rags as it will neither leave a stain nor will it get torn.

Likewise, if you try wiping off a drop of water with a new cloth, the water may roll off. But an old recycled rag will absorb all the water immediately.

And finally, recycled t-shirts are great in terms of reusability. Used cotton rags can be machine-washed and reused in most cases. So it does not matter whether you wiped off an oil stain or grease with a t-shirt rag; you can definitely reuse it. Only in cases where the rag has been used for mopping some hazardous chemical, which may give out toxic fumes, are they not fit to be reused.


In a garage, be it the tools or the machine parts, all need cleaning and wiping of dirt particles, grease, and oils stuck to them. Therefore, rags for cleaning are a must. Mechanics use many types of materials as rags, from microfibers to cotton cloths to jute wastes. But one of the cheap and easily available rag is the T-shirt rags, which are handy,  does not leave scratches, and have high absorbing power.