Teaching Your Kids How To Be Environmentally Conscious

While you may not feel like you haven’t got the time to teach your kids to be environmentally conscious, it’s surprisingly easy.

All it takes is a few simple changes around the house. The best part is that most of the time it requires effort from the whole family, so teaching your children about the environment can also be a great way to spend quality time together.

Let’s take a look at how you can teach your kids to be environmentally conscious.

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1. Recycle Their Toys

It doesn’t take long for kids to get tired of their toys. Once they’ve played with a toy for a while, they’ll soon become interested in something else.

This doesn’t mean you have to throw out their old toy, though. In fact, there are plenty of creative ways to recycle their toys and create an activity out of it.

If your children have worn their crayons down into stubs, why not try melting them all together to make a candle? Or you could even teach them a bit about sewing and turn their old teddy bears into a plush rug.

source: parents.com

2. Teach Them Respect for the Outdoors

Teaching your kids how to respect the great outdoors can begin in the backyard. You could help your kids plant a tree or a garden, and teach them how to look after their plants as they grow.

You could even set up a birdbath on the lawn and show them how to clean it out now and then. This way, they’ll learn to be responsible when working outside and may even get to recognize local bird species.

3. Drink From the Same Bottle

There’s a good chance that you’ve found yourself stranded with the children somewhere and suddenly realized that they need something to drink.

Sometimes, you don’t have a choice when considering buying bottled water. However, if you’re out and about and often find yourself relying on bottled water, why not try buying a reusable bottle that they can take with them?

Your kids will enjoy the novelty of having their own drink bottle, and it will teach them the importance of reusing items.

4. Lending a Hand

Most communities sponsor green activities, like getting together to help clean up your local playground or park.

Next time you take your kids to the playground, try seeing if there’s a local community group that’s cleaning up the area around it. The kids can pitch in and help clean it up too, before having a good time playing on the playground.

Final Thoughts

While the future of the environment doesn’t look too good, this doesn’t mean that it’s too late to do everything we can to improve it.

The best way to teach your children about being environmentally conscious is to lead by example and join in on the activities. From make a rug out of teddy bears to giving your child their very own drink bottle, there are a lot of useful, productive ways to teach children about how they can protect and preserve the environment.