4 Reasons Why Teledentistry Will Help Change Oral Health

There has been a gradual change in the dental care sector for the last decade in the world. Thanks to the rapid technological advancement and digital evolution of the healthcare sector, more and more people are now shifting their preference to more advanced and digital ways of healthcare solutions.

Like the comprehensive health care system, new technologies, new payment modes, and new treatment procedures have been shifting healthcare providers from the surgical way of treating oral diseases to a more focused way of preventing those diseases while promoting reasonable oral health care solutions.

However, with the global impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the dental healthcare industry stepped on the digital aspect of treatment and oral health care management. This has led to an acceleration of the digital shift. Currently, the industry has come to the point where everyone has the same question – What will the future of dental care look like?

The answer is simple – Teledentistry!

But before you look into the ways teledentistry will change oral health, let’s learn what it is.

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Teledentistry: What is it?

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Teledentistry is the set of virtual tools that enables the delivery of optimal dental care services via electronic communication. It ensures unbiased access to dental care for the rural-urban community, including the patients who live in the remotest part of the country. It represents the digital expansion of the existing dental care solutions.

New cloud-based software has been developed to help patients from distant places connect with the best dentist or oral healthcare practitioners to seek consultation, advice, diagnosis, treatment plan, and after-treatment care.

With the introduction of the best cloud-based dental care software – tab32, teledentistry has become much more accessible and simple than ever. Now, dentists can acquire, engage, and retain new patients with seamless digital communication and management.

The Rapid Expansion of Teledentistry

Teledentistry has become a popular way of motivating and encouraging more individuals to go for routine dental checkups. Gone are the days when people only used to visit the dentist when they encountered some serious oral health problem. Now, getting oral health care without the need to visit the dental clinic has become an appealing lifestyle for many people.

Moreover, teledentistry is rapidly expanding across the world for yet another reason. It has been an excellent option for individuals who fear visiting the dental clinic and get uncomfortable around all the equipment in the clinic. They can sit in the comfort of their home and receive optimal dental care.

Teledentistry: Reasons Why It Will Change Oral Health Sector!

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1. Can be Used Even in a Weather Crisis

With teledentistry, you can make it for the appointment irrespective of the weather crisis. Whether it’s a natural disaster or some infectious disease outbreak, this subset of telehealth ensures that people should not lose access to proper dental care.

According to a 2020 survey, about a quarter of dental care providers consulted patients over the teledentistry platforms. Moreover, teledentistry enables patients to get care by reducing their need to visit the clinic or hospital, which can be really challenging during a crisis.

2. It’s a Cost-Effective Dental Care Solution

Teledentistry helps to reduce costs and save your money. A 2018 study shows that patients going for a teledentistry appointment had to pay 10% less than what patients paid without using teledentistry.

Thanks to teledentistry, patients can avoid the need to visit the emergency department (ED), where dental care typically costs more and aims at managing the infections and pain rather than focusing on the underlying oral condition.

3. It Ensures a Wide Access to Dental Care

Teledentistry ensures broad access to dental care. A teledentistry platform helps patients receive flexible options for care, consultation, and educational information from the dental care provider.

These platforms enable patients from the remotest corner of the country to access the best dental services. With an increased number of people getting access to premium dental services and oral health education, the community will live healthier.

4. Most Patients Embrace Teledentistry

More and more people are now embracing the benefits and effectiveness of teledentistry. The dentists and the patients can now connect better and more effectively over these platforms anytime, anywhere.

A recent survey from CareQuest Institute shows that “patients are delighted with the services offered by today’s teledentistry software, and they really like the flexibility it offers.”

Teledentistry: Path to Gain More Popularity in the Future!

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Teledentistry has already emerged as a popular mode of dental care solution around most parts of the world. However, there are some ways by which it will become more popular in the future. These ways include:

1. Dental & Medical Integration

Teledentistry has become a way of connecting dental care providers with various other medical professionals worldwide. There’s a fundamental link between a person’s general health and oral health.

Here, connecting dentists with other medical professionals will enable an array of opportunities for enhanced comprehensive health care. It will also be an effective way of reducing the time between care while alleviating the need for the patients to travel distances for diagnosis and treatment.

2. Direct-to-Consumer Services

Various dental clinics offer services for direct-to-consumer dental treatment, including options for teeth whitening and straightening.

However, with the advent of teledentistry, these services are no longer confined to dental offices. Anyone can seek the benefits of such services at highly reduced prices.

3. Concierge Dental Services

Although some teledentistry platforms are still working on this, others have already started to offer concierge services.

Here, instead of attending an online appointment via dental software, the patient will benefit from an in-person visit by a dental professional at home. It’s a highly convenient dental service, especially for those who have injuries or disabilities.

Final Thoughts: Teledentistry is the Future of Dental Care!

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After the rapid pace expansion of teledentistry during the pandemic, it has emerged as the popular mode of consulting and seeking dental care solutions from the best dentists across the platform via digital communication.