The ABCs of L-carnitine

All fitness enthusiasts agree that supplements are vital for anyone that wants to see results. Because they provide the body with the extra push needed to realize goals and objectives, some supplements come highly recommended- and one of them is L-carnitine.

The supplement L-carnitine still to this day remains one of the best-kept secrets in health and fitness. Though mostly prevalent in the world of bodybuilding, L-carnitine is one of the most potent and versatile supplements out there offering its users several benefits including increased muscle gain and improved chances of weight loss.

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What exactly is L-carnitine?

Carnitine is actually an amino acid that is created naturally by the human liver. For the liver to produce it, two other amino acids known as methionine and lysine must be present. Once the carnitine has been produced by the body, it is then stored in the heart and brain in two active forms, namely L-Carnitine, which is the active form, and D-carnitine, which is a non-active form.

The best way of getting L-Carnitine naturally in the body is by eating amino-rich foods such as soybeans, red meat, and avocados. The easiest and most straightforward way to increase your L-carnitine levels if you do not quite have a handle on your diet is by taking it in supplement form whether liquid, powder or pill form.
The amount needed to reach enough levels of L-carnitine through food consumption may be hard to achieve; and for this reason, it is recommended to take L-carnitine through supplement form.

Why the body needs L-carnitine

Enhanced weight loss

L-carnitine is extremely useful for anyone attempting to lose weight or for anyone that is on a diet as it enables calories to be burned throughout while delivering a boost of energy. Not only does this allow one to push harder during workouts, but it also suppresses one’s appetite so that weight loss management can become easier.

L-carnitine is great for muscle gain

During instances of extreme exercise, L-carnitine supplements like 60 servings carnitine plus is very effective for muscle gain. The L-carnitine enhances the body’s ability to produce insulin which acts on muscle cells, which in return keeps the glucose levels low, therefore helping the body to grow with a minimal amount of fat.

It improves blood flow to the muscles

L-Carnitine supplementation significantly improves blood flow to the muscle. This not only allows the body to consume more nutrients, but it also keeps oxygen levels stable allowing one to endure through the tough workouts.