The Best Party Cities In The World To Get VIP Table Booking Services

When it comes to having a fun night out, luxury clubs are getting more and more popular every time, and it is easy to understand why. These clubs offer the perfect environment to entertain yourself with music, drinks, dancing, social interaction with celebrities, and many more wonders that only the VIP nightlife can offer. To make the VIP clubbing experience easier and more convenient, most the customers get VIP table booking so they can avoid queues, get VIP bottles and other luxury services. VIP tables allow them to have a great night away from the crowd, but getting all the commodities. All VIP areas have private access, elegant designs and a better view of the entire dance floor and stages –being close to the DJ’s booth on most occasions. In addition, the table booking service offers a wide variety of soft drinks, bottles or snacks with immediate delivery and to the customer’s taste. Usually, the nightclub manager frequents the VIP areas to ensure that the client has a good service.

VIP clubbing and table service around the world

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Barcelona is a city that stands out for its electronic music. So much so that the best DJs in the world come to play in their clubs. Barcelona, therefore, is a world reference for those who love partying, especially the latest techno hits. Some party areas in the city are Eixample and Sant Gervasi-Santaló. There are popular places like Gaixample for LGTB collective thanks to their tolerant atmosphere. But the best known is “la Zona del Puerto” -the marina, where you can enjoy the night in the most sophisticated way. Here you will find the top venues of the city, such as Opium, Bling Bling, Eclipse or CDLC. You can get VIP tables and luxury services in all of them with Barcelona tables. Enjoy your night surrounded by the best music and the most exclusive people mingle while drinking high-quality champagne, and don’t worry about anything else.

In Ibiza, there is no fixed schedule to go out and enjoy. You can see people having a good time during the day and at night, either partying, dancing and drinking cocktails or calmly discovering the beautiful natural landscapes of the island. The iconic island of Ibiza is known worldwide for its nightclubs, which have achieved international fame. The music, the cocktails, the celebrities who visit them -celebrities like Cristiano Ronaldo, Justin Bieber, Leonardo DiCaprio or Paris Hilton have turned Ibiza into the place where you will enjoy the best party in Europe. Book a VIP table at one of Ibiza’s most exclusive clubs and you’ll have all kinds of extra services in the package. The VIP table services include the entry price, access to the exclusive area of the discotheque – where your slightest wishes will be attended- and all drinks included. If you are not used to this kind of partying, Amnesia is the best luxury club to get you started since it is the cheapest one – they have tables starting at 250€.

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London is not a cheap city at all, but a good night out is priceless! In London, you’ll find parties for all tastes: from cabaret to jazz, electronic music, and clandestine nightclubs. Any kind of party you might be looking for is in this city: from champagne burlesque shows and freak-show theme like Cirque Le Soir -which is one of the of the best luxury clubs in London and won the award “the best London nightclub” 3 years in a row-, to high-end London VIP nightclubs like Cuckoo or Mahiki Mayfair Club. Many London clubs do not allow entry if you are not a member or if you are not on a certain guestlist, so booking a VIP table becomes the perfect way to get into the best clubs. The VIP table service includes the entrance fee for this type of guests, privileged location within the club, bottles of your choice, snacks, refreshments, and table service. On top of that, most venues also have separate tickets, so you’ll enter without waiting in line as a full member of the most exclusive list. There’s nothing better.

Dubai is the Middle Eastern city with more VIP nightlife and one of the reasons why year after year the number of tourists that visit increases. Among the hundreds of nightclubs in Dubai, some of the most popular places are White, Cavalli or Base. It is absolutely essential to be very well dressed to access these clubs. With Dubai Vip Table Booking service you will get to enjoy the same services -best spots in the club, VIP bottles, 24/7 concierge- as the celebrities who visit Dubai’s top venues… And you maybe even get to know them!