The Best Places To See And Interact With Elephants

It has been very popular to interact with elephants in many places in Asia. However, all these elephants that know to perform certain tricks have had very hard lives. They have all suffered abuse or mistreatment of some kind.

Some people have realized this suffering of elephants and they have created a society called Asian Elephants Project that actually offers the trekking with elephants and putting them at first place. It needs to be added that you will not be allowed to ride an elephant and you should not expect a trick as well. These elephants are simply what they are and what they should be – elephants in nature. However, you can walk with them, maybe even cuddle or feed them.

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1. Elephant Nature Park

This is park located in Thailand and it has been operating for almost 20 years and it is located in Chiang Mai. There are 84 elephants there at the moment and that have been rescued. There are various tours, from the ones that last for an hour to the ones that last for an entire day. You can even volunteer for an entire week.

2. Karen Elephant Experience

We need to mention that this tribe has had a tradition of renting their elephants. However, they have stopped doing this and they now take good care of their elephants. If you pay a visit, you will not only spend time with elephants and learn about them, you would also wear traditional Karen clothes.

3. Phuket Elephant Sanctuary

This sanctuary has a lot of elephants that have been rescued and there are pieces of information about them on the official website. If you decide, you may even see them on site. The sanctuary is located on 30 acres and there are a lot of things to do there. You would have a chance to go on a safari and learn all you need to know about elephants.

4. Phuket Elephant Park

This is one of the smallest parks that has only three elephants that have been rescued and each one of those is unique and special. You can follow these elephants as they walk and while they feed and bathe. You may even them by yourself.

5. Samui Elephant Sanctuary

This sanctuary is located on 10 acres of a beautiful and dense forest and it has six elephants. The sanctuary is located in Koh Samui, Thailand. You may have to see them in nature and observe their behavior while giving them bananas as snacks.

6. Samui Elephant Haven

This one has been opened in August in 2018 and it was made so that elephants can be free in nature. The visits are limited for a half of a day. A pool has been constructed as well as a mud pit so that the elephants can be themselves there.

7. Elephant Sanctuary Cambodia

This sanctuary is one of the largest since it has one million acres. It is not centered only on elephants but on the preservation of nature and its flora and fauna. There are elephants that have been engaged in logging industry. The people who go there help with rebuilding not only the sanctuary but the eco-system as well.

8. Elephant Haven Thailand

This one is situated in Sai Yok, Kanchanaburi in Thailand. This has been one of the pioneers in the abandoning the riding of the elephants as a tradition and tourist attraction. Instead of this, they started to promote looking and loving these animals. So, you would be able to look and see what the rescued ones are doing in nature.

9. Barumun Nagari Wildlife Sanctuary

This one is situated in Sumatra and it was founded in 2015 as a sanctuary for abused elephants in Indonesia that have been saved. At this moment, this sanctuary is a home to six elephants that have been rescued. The sanctuary also accepts volunteers for a period of seven days. The elephants are truly themselves here since this is a real habitat.

10. Save Thai Elephant Park

The park is a home to three female elephants that have been rescued and are having great time here. Visitors are even allowed to feed them and to walk with them.