The Most Interesting Feather Flag Designs

One of the best ways to attract and reach more customers when they are outside, shopping, commuting to work, walking around the city, or generally doing their everyday activities is by using feather flags. When you use feather flags, it is important to make use of its attractive, eye-catching design in order for the customers to focus their attention on it, rather than just walking past it without even noticing the flags.

A well-designed feather flag will make a major difference for your company’s exposure and they will most certainly create a long-lasting impression on the customers that are thinking about purchasing something.

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What to consider when designing the feather flags?

The colors

Choosing a specific coverage you want is better than choosing a stock design that will allow you to choose some colors, but not all. Also, by choosing a color that you want, you will be able to match it with the colors of your logo or with the colors of your company. What you should also consider when choosing the color is how much visibility will it provide. Black or white does not grab people’s attention as much as bright colors do, hence if you want to improve the attention-grabbing ability of the feather flag, you should choose a bright color, and visit

Letter Size and font selection

Of course, the most important function of the flag is to actually convey and deliver a message to people. One of the most important things to follow is that the size of the font is crucial when designing the flag. You will not want text that is long since that means that the size of the letters will be smaller, hence, you should choose something that is easy to remember and shorter. When it comes to choosing the font, always think of the fact that you only have a few seconds to grab someone’s attention, especially if that someone is a driver. Choose a font that is cleat and that will deliver your message quickly.

The most interesting feather designs

There are various styles of feather flags that you can choose for promoting your business:

Double-sided – if you have something that you want to be displayed on your business flag, you will probably want it to be on both sides. You will be able to choose to print the writing on a double-sided feather flag, or if you want something else, like a different logo that you want to be printed, it would be possible as well.

Single sided – if you choose a single-sided print, it will make your design appear “mirrored” on the other side. The single side print is, of course, cheaper than the double sided one, and it is a perfect way to display your logo or some writing. According to BSdisplays, they are perfect to put up in front of your business, so that it can attract more customers.

After you have chosen where you will print something, you will need to choose the shape as well:

Teardrop – this type is great for promoting at large events, openings, and sales event, especially indoors. They come in three sizes 8.5, 10.5, and 15 feet tall.

Rectangle – these are perfect when you need more space to convey the message around. They are also visible from almost anywhere. You can buy these flags in 3 sizes as well, 8, 10, 12, and 15 feet tall.

Air dancers – if you want to draw a lot of attention to your business, air dancers are the best way to accomplish that. These are large, whimsical, and available in a wide range of colors.


If you want to promote your business in a good, efficient, and cheap way, feather flags are the means of marketing you should choose.

You should choose attractive, vibrant, and contrasting colors and fonts for your custom feather flags. It will be an easy and cheap way to promote your business and attract more customers to your business.