The Ultimate Guide to Holiday Packing for Men

People are always on the grind. This is why holidays are a vital part of our lives. It gives us the chance to relax & recharge before we go back to the grind.

We love to break free when we finally get a break from the nine to five life. Traveling to far off places to explore, unwind and enjoy is the main goal.

We love to travel, although what we don’t love is packing for travel.

Like packing is that one last hiccup after exams before a school year finally ends. It’s the last trial before you can dive in the waters of Krabi or lose yourself in the Scottish Highlands.

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Why is it Important to Pack Efficiently?

It is essential to pack properly because it saves you from the troubles during the journey, throughout the holidays and even after you return.

Sure, packing can be very confusing. We might look at our closet and think that we need all of it. But that is not the case, you need to think hard and find what you REALLY need. What you will pack will depend on where you are going and for how long you would be staying.

If you pack everything, the bags will be too heavy for mobility. If you pack too light, you probably forgot to take the things you need. The key is to find the balance between packing as light as possible without missing the essentials.

The Right Type of Luggage

Just as what you pack within, the carrier also depends on the destination and the duration of your trip.

Month Long Vacation

Opt for hard shell suitcases that are not more than 28 inches. They can endure airport abuse and keep your belongings safe. Do check the luggage allowance of your airline before packing.

Away for a Week

If you are away for a week or at max two, go for a carry-on sized suitcase. For an adult male, necessities for most trips of that time length will fit into a carry-on.

Exceptions are if you are going somewhere like the Amazons or Himalayas where you may need to carry gear.

A Short Weekend Away

If you’re away for the weekend or at max 4 days, an overnight bag is more than enough. Weekender bags aren’t just efficient, they can be really stylish too. Find something durable that is also easy on the eyes.

Choice of Outfits to Carry

The outfits you take has to be harmonious to the place you are visiting. If you are going to warm, humid climates, choosing cotton and linen is the best choice of material. For a colder climate, you should take warm clothes. Go for cashmere and wool.


The clothes to take depends on the amount of time you will be spending and the activities you will be participating in. For example, a week-long trip to the beach means you should take:

  • A few t-shirts.
  • 2 or 3 more formal looking shirts.
  • A lightweight jacket & dinner jacket.
  • Don’t forget the tie.
  • At max 3 swim shorts.
  • 2 pairs will work just as well.
  • A pair denim pants and a pair of cotton pants.
  • A comfy hoodie and pajamas.

Choose your clothes, focusing on the place and activities. For example, in a colder place, you will need scarves, beanies, a windbreaker, etc.

Opt for clothes that resist crease. If you will be hiking or camping, take appropriate gear.


A pair of trainers will always be your best friend. Your hotel should provide a pair of indoor slippers. If you are not staying at a hotel, take slippers or personalized slides. According to Faveable, water-resistant shoes are a must, if you are visiting the beach or planning on boat trips with friends. Remember to take a pair of boots as well. Put your shoes in shoe bags, otherwise, they will mix up with the clothes and get everything dirty.


For socks and underwear, remember the golden rule. One for each day you will be staying. For an extended period of time, take as many as you can depending on when you can do laundry. In colder climates, take thermals. This way you don’t have to take as many upper layers.


No matter where you are, you will always need sunglasses. Even in the Arctics, the glare of the sun will hurt your eyes. A sun hat or a snapback can give your face some sun protection. Also, a neck gaiter can help protect your face from the sun. Place the gaiter over your head and wear it at an angle that blocks as much of the sun’s direct light as possible. To make it more unique and stylish you can create your own custom neck gaiters from

Take a watch, even better if it is water resistant. Other things like rings, earrings, etc, take them at your own risk. People tend to leave things behind by accident during trips.

Don’t forget the Essentials

Hotels provide fresh towels. If not staying at a hotel, take a medium size cotton towel that is lightweight and dries quickly. Carry a beach towel if appropriate. Always carry your toiletries in a toiletries bag. It will keep your toiletries easily accessible and organized.

Always put on sunscreen lotion when outdoors. No amount of emphasis is enough on sunscreen. Being lazy about it is really not worth causing permanent damage to your health.

Always take laundry bags to put your dirty laundry in. This way your luggage stays organized and your fresh clothes stay clean. Try various methods of packing, choosing the one that maximizes luggage space. Try the bundle method for a change!

Final Thoughts

Efficient packing is all about knowing yourself. What are the things you REALLY need? Figure that out and packing your luggage will be easy. A little research on the place you are headed always pays off. Not only will it help you stay prepared, but you will also get more out of your visit. Keeping your luggage organized will save you from so much hassle and confusion. Don’t get lazy! Just roll up your sleeves and get packing.