Things You Need In You Laser Tag Set

Laser tag is the perfect activity that offers endless fun and mimics the entertainment that of the widely popular video games. However, just like video games, you need the perfect set-up to be better at it and give you room to improve in the future. That’s why we are going to tell you the most popular things you need to have in your laser tag.

This article will provide all the necessary information about laser tag sets, and which are the best for you.

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1.    Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger 2-Pack Set

The most widely popular and extremely friendly of the bunch is the set from Phoenix LTX. This set is built for action and offers endless hours of fun. What to know the best thing about the Phoenix LTX Tagger? It comes with 2 guns that will enable you multiplayer gameplay. Made out of sturdy frame that is not easily breakable, the Phoenix LTX has some amazing and cool features on display. It comes in two colors, blue and orange-gold, and it has a 360-degree sensor dome that will further aid you in your laser-tagging. Other great features of the Phoenix LTX is the simulated recoil that mimics that of a real gun, and a reload clip that will make you feel like a special forces operator.

2.    ArmoGer Infrared Laser Guns and Vest Mega Set Pack

According to experts in the laser tag industry, the perfect laser tag set should always include an armor that will further bring out the feeling of live-action combat. As a matter of fact, the ArmoGer Infrared laser tag set offers both gun and vest for the user. The set comes two target vests which can be enabled or disabled depending on your liking. The set also comes with two blasters that mimic the sound of shooting real guns and they come in a smooth old-school retro look. The blasters might look old-school but they are packed with modern features such as voice-guided directions setting, color-coded blasters to offer the best team play, and the set even comes with night vision flashlight!

3.    Family Games Laser 4 Pack Night Set

This laser tag set from Night is a perfect choice if you want to spend some family time laser tagging. The set comes with 4 blasters, each in a different color, and each blaster comes with its own strengths and weaknesses. Damage, range, and reload time are all different on all 4 blasters and each one has a built-in speaker that notifies you whenever you need to reload. The blasters also have a visible bar on the side that displays your health, making it very easy to know how long you have left in the game. This 4 pack laser tag set from Night is made to glow in the dark, offering endless fun while laser tagging at night.

4.    Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Set and Case

Yet another set that offers endless multiplayer fun comes from Dynasty Toys. The laser tag set has 4 blasters and it even comes with a carrying case. Each blaster has four unique shooting settings, a built-in speaker that notifies you whenever you need to reload, and each player has up to nine lives. Whenever a player loses all nine lives, the gun will automatically deactivate and stop firing, indicating that your time during this session has come to an end.