Things You Should Avoid To Keep Your Natural Hair Healthy

Have you ever used chemical products advertised on your TV with no results? Yes, we have in one way or another found ourselves in this kind of a situation. You never got the results since most of them are overly exaggerated and aimed at attracting customers for profits. The moment your hair starts shedding off or balding, you will begin to get cautious of everything you do including the products you use on your body or the lifestyle you take.

Several products bring results in the first few weeks after use. However, they turn out to be disastrous on your hair months later. Again, some habits destroy your natural hair. The article is here to highlight some of the products and lifestyle habits that will continuously ruin your hair.

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1. Sulfates

Once you realize that your hair is breaking effortlessly as you grind your fingers, the worst part would be exposing it to more harmful products such as sulfates. Sulfates are known for their ability to break down proteins found in your body which eventually leads to stagnant growth of your hair. You should always check the ingredients of every product before making a purchase.

2. Oils, styling products, and heating tools

We all love when our hairs blend with an event. That is why we use heating tools to make the hair straight or event make curls. When people use these tools or products, their aim is mainly to make their hairs beautiful and softer. Fine hair has fewer cuticles as compared to thick shafts thus making it prone to external pressures such as strong winds and sun. Instead of this, you should look for products that improve your hair texture.

3. Isopropyl Alcohol

This is an ingredient that is commonly found in hair gels and sprays. Isopropyl alcohol is widely used to dissolve oils on surfaces such as wood finish and shellac. This function can be a bit tempting to people with greasy hairs as they tend to think that the product will get rid of excess oils on their heads. Once you apply the product, you will have not only hard shafts but also dull and frizzy hairs. The product is used on gels to help keep the hairs in a permanent position. Unfortunately, the strands will start breaking off one by one.

Frustrated young woman having a bad hair day

4. Deep conditioners

Often when the scalp turns out dry, we are tempted to deep condition it regularly. This leaves our strands looking shiny and healthy.  Deep conditioners are rich in proteins known to cause an imbalance in the pH levels of your hair causing an opposite result of what you always expect. This is especially true when overused on the hair. In the end, your hair will break off leaving you with uneven patches of hair

5. Dry shampoos

In instances when one fails to take a shower but still wants to look cool, the dry shampoo becomes the best companion. Unfortunately, you need to realize that this miracle packed in a spray bottle does more harm than good to your locks. The main disadvantage of this shampoo is drying up your hair leaving it vulnerable to the weather. In the end, your shafts become weak and brittle making them easier to break. Though you might not entirely avoid them, never get used to them for the sake of your strands.

You should always check the ingredients of your favorite products before paying a dime for them. Though something might seem expensive, you ought to know that it does not guarantee the quality of the same. Don’t get fooled by a brand or the cost. Remember that people are out here to milk your pockets dry. In addition to this, avoid habits that destroy your hair such as exposure of excess heat.  If you want to learn more about general hair grooming, visit