Tips for Adjusting to Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses, just the thought of wearing contact lenses can bring many people into a cold sweat. For good reasons this is the fact, basically, a person that has decided to wear contact lenses instead of corrective glasses is placing a small piece of “plastic-like” circle on ones’ eyeball.

Quite a few years ago, I decided to go with the new contact lenses that were disposable. It was my intention to go along with a trial pair (which most optometrists offer free of charge). The assistant that was assigned to teach me how to place the contact on my eye was an amazingly talented woman. She had two-inch long fingernails and wore contact lenses herself. Since that time I have learned a few tricks for adjusting from glasses to contact lenses. You may also head to to see how you can take good care with the right materials.

Tip #1: Keep your fingernails shorter than 1 inch long. Although my teacher had two-inch fingernails, she had many years of practice wearing contact lenses. When you are first learning, it is easier to not have nails in the way. This is a lesson well learned after poking myself a few times in the beginning. If you do have nails, try rounding off your nails instead of squaring them off. This style is easier to manage and does hurt as much if you get too close to your eye.

Tip #2: Always take along eye drops wherever you go. When you first start wearing contact lenses, your eyes will take a while to get used to the change. To prevent drying, during the first month I suggest adding wet eye drops every few hours.

Tip #3: Wearing contact lenses will take a while for your eyes to get used to being covered. Hence, I suggest for the first week or two to only wear your contact lenses for half a day. Your eyes will become a dry (even with the wet drops) and may become a little sore. Your eyes will get too tired if you do wear them for full days starting on the first day.

Tip #4: Always take along wet wipes to have clean hands, even when there is no soap or water available, suggests One never knows when you must remove the contact lenses from the eye; therefore it is helpful to always have wet wipes to sanitize your hands before removing contact lenses. Hands should always be kept clean when removing lenses.

Tip #5: Remember to put on all perfumes, spray deodorants and hairspray before putting in your contact lenses. The chemicals from these items can linger in the air and actually get into your eyes that contain the contact lenses. The chemicals will either ruin or get deeply irritated that you have to take out the lenses.

One must remember when changing from glasses to contact lenses, the lenses are foreign objects and will take time getting used to being there. The first few weeks are going to be the hardest, especially when trying to place the contact lenses in. Be sure to adjust your morning schedule so that you have plenty of time to mess around with putting in the contact lenses.

In addition that wearing contact lenses does not mean that the lenses can be kept in for long periods of time and should never be slept in at any time. If you follow these simple instructions and tips, I am sure you will love wearing contact lenses such as I do.