Tips to Consider When Choosing a Venue for Your Destination Wedding in Jakarta

The wedding day is a moment that every person in the world remembers forever. However, the organization of that day is going to be tough. We do not want to be negative, but it is good to prepare all the couples about the things that are expecting them. First of all, picking the right wedding dress is a challenging process for each bride. Despite that, getting the right suit is also a big problem for each broom.

Anyway, every couple will have one mutual problem. It is hard to decide on a current location where the wedding is going to be organized. We do not know which taste you and your partner have. However, we know that you have a mutual goal – finding the location that will make your wedding day unforgettable.

Have you always wanted to have your wedding in a new environment far away from home? Then Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, should be at the top of the list. Indonesia is known for many things including beautiful islands, great marine life and vast savannah lands that are home to the fiery Komodo dragons. Thousands of newlyweds come to Indonesia every year for their honeymoon to enjoy the peace and tranquillity found in this part of the planet.

But Indonesia is more than just a honeymoon destination for newlyweds. It’s also an excellent place for lovebirds seeking to have a fantastic destination wedding. Picking Indonesia as your place for your destination wedding means you are in for much more than a wedding ceremony. It allows you to have a full wedding package with the wedding ceremony and honeymoon in the same country. But before you start making arrangements for your destination wedding, here are essential details to consider.

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Decide on a Location

Jakarta has many places that offer a perfect venue for weddings. You, therefore, need to narrow down on a specific location where you want to have your wedding. When choosing a spot for your wedding, ensure that they have all the resources you need for the wedding.

The best possible thing to start with is to wake up your imagination. Still, you mustn’t do that alone. Talking with your partner is necessary because no one guarantees that you have the same vision. More precisely, a good conversation is a key factor when we talk about wedding organization.

Still, deciding on a location that contains all the necessary resources is a tough challenge. Because of that, it would be good to find some sort of assistance. We suggest you to visit and see which options you have. Our recommendation is to pick a full wedding package. In that way, you will be sure that everything associated with your wedding will be fine.

Consider Your Guests

Finding an appropriate wedding venue is more than picking the prettiest spot in Jakarta. Unless you are operating on a tight budget, you should always consider your guests before settling on a wedding venue. How many guests are you expecting on your wedding day? Will you cater to their accommodation? How long do you expect the wedding celebrations to last? You should be in a position to answer these questions if you want to have a day that no one will regret.

It’s also important to notify your guests in advance to give them enough time to prepare. Don’t be mean with details. Give them as much information as possible. Remember that most of them will probably be traveling to Jakarta for the first time. If you can’t afford to pay for everyone’s accommodation, at least find a reasonably affordable hotel where the extra guests can spend their night. Don’t settle on a place until you are sure there’s room for all your guests.

Work with a Pro

Destination weddings are often held in remote places with limited resources. Planning a destination hotel in a large city such as Jakarta is equally challenging. That’s what makes it essential to work with a professional in the field. A wedding planner will help you to find a suitable venue that has all the resources to make our wedding day memorable. A planner can also help you to find a suitable wedding package hotel Jakarta that can take care of up to 500 guests.

Plan a Preliminary Visit

Ideally, you should see your venue way before you start making arrangements. You can visit the site a few weeks before you finalize the arrangements to make sure everything is in order.

While you might be tempted to make all the arrangements online, it would be wise to visit the venue as it gives you a clear picture of what’s on the ground. Visiting the site also gives you the chance to meet local vendors, managers, and also gives you a first-hand experience. You can make up to two trips to make sure nothing has changed.

Arrive Early

Arrive at the venue of the wedding 3-4 days before the big day. This will help you to familiarize yourself with the surroundings. It also allows you to add your personal touch to the venue. You can maybe change colors, lighting, or even the arrangement. You also get the chance to do your hair and makeup trials. The 3-4 days ensures you have bonded well with the environment, and you don’t look like you are lost on your wedding day.

Note – Let’s go through every single detail. The couple might forget to check if their passport is still valid. Imagine that you organize everything, but you can’t come because your passport expired. Despite that, you should also need to think about the other guests. That is another reason why you need to inform them about the wedding for at least a month or month and a half before the event.

Find a Professional Photographer

As we previously said, this day brings many memories that we will remember for the rest of our lives. Because of that, you will have to turn those memories into reality. More precisely, a huge number of images is something that you need to ensure.

Well, we indeed live in a world of modern technology. We know that many smartphones have amazing cameras. Yet, that doesn’t mean you should not hire a professional photographer. Only in that way, you will ensure that your wedding day photos are clear and highly-quality.

There is one thing that we want to remind you of. Do not forget to take a picture with each guest that comes to your wedding. We know that this can be annoying. Yet, each guest at your wedding (even if there are 500 of them) equally deserves your attention.

As we said, you should arrive earlier to get familiar with the venue. While you are doing that, you can also find the perfect spot for taking pictures. See which elements would be perfect for the background of the pictures.

Bonus Tip: Don’t Panic and Relax

Before we say “goodbye”, we need to say one thing. We know that you are both feeling nervous because of this wedding. Indeed, this will be one of the most beautiful days in your entire life. Still, your thoughts need to stay clear. Go through the steps from our list and do not panic; everything is going to be just fine.