Tips to Improve Your Home Security

Since your home is your sanctuary, it is important that it is as safe as possible. There are several things you can do to improve the security of your entire property. Knowing what these allow you to create a game plan for a more secure home for yourself and your family.

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The Right Door Locks

Keyless door locks may seem like something from the future but they are becoming more popular in today’s world. This type of lock cannot be picked like a traditional key lock, making it a more secure choice. You also never have to carry a key to access your home.

These locks usually have a keypad that you type a code into. There are several viable options. To narrow down the list, check out these keyless door locks reviewed on Propertyguardmaster.

Security Lights

When someone attempts to break into a home, their goal is to accomplish this unseen. If you have security lights, you are increasing the risk of yourself or a neighbor seeing someone stalking around your home.

Illuminating your outdoor space without it being too bright is the key. You should be able to walk around outside at night and see the space around you. However, you do not want your outdoor lights to keep you or your neighbors awake at night.

There are dozens of security light options to choose from. Consider the size of your property and the incidence of burglary in your city to determine the best security lights for property security.

Mind Your Mail

If your mailbox is overflowing, this is a sign that you have been away from home for a few days. Burglars look for small signs like this when they are determining which houses to hit.

Consider a mailbox chute in your door since this leaves no mail sitting outside your home. You can also ask a trusted neighbor to grab your mail for you each day and hold it until you return so that it appears as if you are retrieving your mail every day.

Make it clear that you have an alarm system on your home. When you get an alarm installed, you usually get some stickers or a sign that you can display on your property. Putting a sticker on each door is a good choice.

You should also consider putting a sign on your front lawn. Make sure that it is not obstructed by plants or trees. It should be obvious to any person looking at your home from the street.

Install an Alarm with a Backup

Many alarm systems run only on phone lines. If a burglar cuts the phone line, the alarm will not operate. Look for an alarm that has a backup so that if they cut the phone line, your alarm will still function.

You might also consider a system with two-step verification. With this alarm, you have to put the code in twice to turn the alarm off. Most people are used to only doing this once, so the average burglar, even if they have your code, will not fully disable your alarm system.

Consider Home Automation

When you are not home, home automation can make it seem like you are. There are multiple home automation systems that you can operate from a distance using an app on your smartphone.

These systems let you do things like turn lights on and off throughout the day. Some even let you turn on radios or televisions. By turning lights on and off as you would when you are home, potential burglars may think that someone is there.

Check Your Greenery

If any bushes or other plants on your property obstruct any part of your yard, this can give burglars a place to hide when they are breaking into your home. Keep your greenery trimmed so that people can see over it from the street and your neighbor’s yards.

If you want a few high plants, put some shorter ones in between these to reduce the overall height of your greenery. This will alleviate the obstruction of your plants so that there are no hidden spots on your property.

Add Some Cameras

Being able to keep an eye on your property is an important part of knowing that it is secure. There are numerous camera and surveillance systems that you can choose from. They all have varying levels of sophistication. Visit for more details.

Ideally, you want to choose a system that you can view when you are away from your home. Many systems have a related cellphone app where you can see what the cameras see even when you are far away from home.

Just like with your home alarm, make it known that you have cameras. Post a sign near your alarm sign that announces this.

Secure Your Windows

If a burglar cannot get through your doors, the next place they will check is your windows. Always make sure that your windows are locked when you are away from home and at night. You should secure the windows on all floors of your home.

You can also install window stops. These are small devices that make it so that no one can open your windows more than six inches. No matter what type of window you have, there are stops designed to work with them.

Put Up a Dog Sign

Burglars tend to avoid homes where there are dogs. Even if you do not have a dog, you can make people think that you do with a “beware of dog” sign.

You want to make sure that this sign is in a prominent location. Put one by or on your front door. You should have another toward the front of your property so that people can see it from the street when they are walking or driving by.

Use as many of these methods as possible to fully protect your home. Your property can never be too safe or too secure.