7 Tips And Tricks That Every Free Fire Player Should Follow

If you are a beginner, and you are interested in Free Fire, you are sure that with enough interest you can achieve much more than that. Whether or not this is a pure form of relaxation and fun, it’s not bad to adopt some great tricks that will improve your style of play. Of course, like any beginner, you are certainly not familiar with all the features and options that you can use while playing. That’s why it’s best to play the game as much as possible and read about it. In this way, you will acquire knowledge that you apply in practice at the same time. And it’s actually a winning combination that makes you become a pro player.

Once you understand what weapon you have, you have discovered the essence of the game, it’s time to find out more about it. Keep reading and discover a few tips and tricks that every fan of this game should know.

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1. Don’t ignore the color red

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It appears in the game for a reason. You have probably noticed that this color appears to you from time to time while aiming at your opponent. That is the help you should always accept. This does not mean that you will be able to kill him every time, because it still depends on your skills and experience, as well as on weapons, etc. However, if this color appears to you, it means that the target is targeted and you will surely at least hit and weaken it. So, do not hesitate in this situation, but feel free to pull the trigger. Who knows, you might even hit your opponent in the head and so keep this visual clue in mind.

2. Look at the characteristics of the characters, not the aesthetics

The clothing items of the characters are the most striking thing on them, as well as their overall personal description. However, different characters do not exist only for aesthetic reasons. They are primarily an option that you have the opportunity to choose in accordance with the characteristics that you like in a particular character. Everything else is less important because it gives you no advantage in the game except that you can be prettier than others or better trained. We will all agree that it is totally irrelevant, but your competitors will not look at these things and admire your clothes.

They will use all the ways to kill you and make the most of the characteristics of their characters who can be stronger than you. So, don’t spend money on buying diamonds with which you can buy clothes. You better focus your attention on researching the characters, of which there are several, and watch those that have a high speed of filling the machine, the speed of the driving, etc. If you really want a certain type of clothing, then visit pointofgamer.com and find more about free fire diamond hack.

3. Use the vehicle carefully

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This add-on is essential in the game because it gives you a big advantage. However, on the one hand it can be your great friend while in other situations it can do you a lot of harm. In order not to bring you bad things, but only good ones, use it wisely. What exactly do we mean? For example, you have just started the game and that means that there are a lot of players next to you. This also applies to the number of vehicles, which means that you can go unnoticed because you are not the only one in the minority. After a while, the number of players decreases as do the vehicles, and if you stay in it while the vehicle is in motion, you attract attention.

Then you become very visible and the main target. That is why they are never used later than exclusively in the early stages of the game. Of course, try to make the most of it at that stage by reaching your target location, escaping, or doing something else you envisioned.

4. Change location to confuse enemies

So when you find yourself fighting your enemy this is a great way to gain an advantage. For example, use objects and try to move around them as much as possible. It is also important that you get out of them often and change them as much as possible, because in that way you will make the opponent do the same. After that, you are in charge, because he is trying to send you away. This way you can lead him to various traps, positions in which he is the target and you will not risk getting you because you are constantly in one place. Eventually, you will irritate him and his concentration will decrease.

5. Tactically defend yourself

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It is essential that you always have a strategic plan for each action in the game. However, we mean specifically the situation in which you are directly attacked in a 1 on 1 fight with the enemy. If he starts using his fists as a weapon, you use this moment in the right way. You will meet him by being in the position of bent knees with a weapon from which you will automatically shoot at him. This way you will not be injured and you will surely erase the enemy who cannot defend himself from open fire. This position also helps you stay more accurate in shooting.

6. Change weapons

Of course, different types of weapons exist to change in different situations that require change. However, our advice is that due to the discharge, you should not wait for the replacement of ammunition that takes too long, but simply change the type of weapon. No matter what the next weapon might not be your choice, it is definitely a better option than the injuries you will get. A few seconds can be crucial in a game if you are not lucky enough to be missed or slightly injured. So make this your option if you are a beginner until you gain enough experience and better hide while changing ammunition.

7. Heal yourself and others

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When you find yourself in a situation where you are injured, but you want to heal and you do not have to choose a member of your team. You have the opportunity to do it at the same time, and as a beginner you may not have known that you do not have to approach a team member completely. You can also cure it over the wall, and that is a great thing because that way you will be one hundred percent sure while renewing the energy of your colleague.


We are sure that after these tips you will become even more successful. Try to continue in that direction and surpass the average, because you can do much more than that. We hope we have helped you achieve some fantastic results and have even more fun along the way as a Free Fire player.