Tired Of ChexSystems Blacklisting You? Here Is A Removal Guide

You want to open a new checking account and at first, it seems like you do comply with all the requirements and conditions. Few days after you have applied for it, you get a phone call and the financial institution/bank tells you that you are refused because ChexSystems have blacklisted you. And this is a problem – most of the banks are connected with ChexSystems and if it blacklists you, you will not be able to open a new checking account for the next 5 years. Now, whether it was due to certain misconduct, delayed payments or it is a false allegation it doesn’t matter – the bank listens to the ChexSystems and that’s it. But is there really nothing you can do about it?


Well, lucky for you there are two options. First and foremost, you can go and open a checking account in a bank that is not using the ChexSystems – in the USA around 20% of all existing banks are not using it so you shouldn’t have a problem finding one. On the other hand, if you think you are falsely blacklisted and you want to correct it the ChexSystems support is there at your service. But how to do it and what are your chances of success? Let’s take a look.

The Initial Steps

 By following this free ChexSystems removal guide you should clear yourself of the blacklist and be free to open a new checking account wherever you want. First and foremost, you should go to the ChexSystems website and ask them for a copy of the report that has blacklisted you. There shouldn’t be any problem relating this step given the fact that you are allowed by law to ask for a copy of the relevant report.


Once you get it, it is time to send out the first letter. It should contain your personal information, and a claim that the accusation and reason you have been blacklisted is false. The ChexSystems have 30 days to respond to your letter, if they don’t, they will have to delete all the information and remove you from the blacklist.

What If They Respond

 Well, if the ChexSystems have managed to respond in within 30 days since you have sent the letter #1 and they stand on their claim that you have an unpaid debt towards a certain bank you should move on and send them a letter #2. Once again, you should request that they support their claims with relevant evidence which you are still to receive. Along with that, including the evidence of why you think they are wrong and why your account should be removed of the blacklist. On the other hand, if the ChexSystems doesn’t reply in 30 days since the letter #1 you should just send them a letter #3 requiring that they act as the law says and remove yours from the blacklist.


Your Last Instance

In the end, if you don’t manage to resolve the issue with the ChexSystems team you will have to send a letter #4 to the bank that has reported you (of course if you have evidence to support your claim). Ask the ChexSystems for an additional copy of their report, and ask the bank to provide you any of the tangible evidence that would prove them right. If they don’t respond or they continue standing on their claim without evidence, request that they have 30 days to delete you from the ChexSystems blacklist or you are going to file in a case (you are not breaking any law by this). If they don’t agree, take the bank to the small court and resolve the dispute in your favor.



 As you can see, removing a ChexSystems restriction doesn’t have to be that hard. Of course, it all depends on how willing are they in terms of cooperation, but you have more than a few instances that will allow you to win the case and get removed. And don’t forget – if you don’t want to through the trouble of sending numerous letters, and maybe even going to the court, simply open a checking account in a non-ChexSystems bank and stay stress-free!