Tomica Wright Net Worth 2024 – CEO of Ruthless Records

Tomica Wright is the CEO and owner of Ruthless Records after the death of her husband, Eazy-E, in 1995. Apart from owning a record label she also worked as a secretary at Tabu Records for Clarence Avant, the owner. She is mostly known as being the widow of Eazy-E. Let’s dig deep and find out what her net worth is in 2019.

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Early Life

Her full name is Tomica Woods-Wright but is mostly known as just Tomica Wright, she was born in 1969 in California. She grew up in the outskirts of Los Angeles. She finished her college education in Santa Monica at West LA Community College. She always had a lot of interest in the entertainment industry and wanted to be a part of it. Specifically, she was interested in film production, but she never got the opportunity to join a directorial college because her financial situation wasn’t all that good.

She started going out with Eazy-E in the early 1990s, they got married in 1995. At the time of his death, she was pregnant with his child. That period was very hard for her and all the media attention she got after the death of her husband just made it worse. But in the end, she started thinking rationally and realized that she had to be there for her children since they were all she had left.

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Her two kids are Daijah Wright and Dominick, the second being Eazy-E’s son. Both of her kids have developed a lot of interest in music so we might be seeing one of them take the next step and start performing.

She doesn’t really like talking about her husband since all that does is bring up painful memories. She is much more than her husband, she has found success without him and raised two beautiful children by herself. Do you want to know about many more successful businesswomen around the world? Take a look at the smartbusinessdaily and learn more about many successful journeys of marvelous businesswomen.

Career Life

Her first job was as a secretary for Clarence Avant, the owner of Tabu Records. He is the person who introduced Eazy-E to her. She wasn’t a celebrity at the time of her meeting her now deceased husband Eazy-E, he died because he got infected by the AIDS virus.

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After her husband’s death, she became the owner of a record label called Ruthless Records and all of his property. The record label was founded by Eazy-E in 1986 in Los Angeles, California. It was mostly known for signing record deals and distributing them, mostly for Hip-Hop, R&B and gangsta rap artists. Ruthless Records is certified by RIAA and has acquired several platinum and higher-rated albums.


You could say that Tomica Wright is definitely not a celebrity by her own accord. But she took over a business and became the CEO of that company, and you could say that she has done a fantastic job so far. Even though she can’t win any awards as the CEO of a record label she definitely deserves an award for how she handled her husband’s death and raising two children on her own.

Tomica Wright’s Net Worth in 2019

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Right now it is thought that Tomica Wright has a net worth of $15 million. Most of the money she has made so far was through the record label she inherited from her husband. Now that she has the means she’s also been trying out in the film production industry so that has also earned her some money.

Tomica Wright is a great example of how love can overcome anything and that it can last forever even if one of the partners in the relationship doesn’t since she still hasn’t remarried even after 24 years.