Top 5 Essential Tools To Have For Your Garden

No matter your occupation you always need tools beside you to get the job done. In the case of gardening tools, there are a few “must have” that will allow you easy digging, weeding, harvesting, pruning, cutting, and more. Gardening tools help you maintain your garden in peak condition, and in this article, we are going to tell you the top 5 essential tools that you will use on a recurring basis.

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5. Garden Knife

Knives are a hunter’s best friend, but they can be useful to a gardener as well. A garden knife is nothing like a hunter’s, but it serves the same purpose. A small garden knife will do you more good than you might think. It can be used for cutting strings, sticks, flowers, trimming fruit and vegetable plants and a host of other jobs. It’s always recommended to carry one with you whenever you’re doing work in the garden. As for the type of knife, we suggest a small, sharp knife that folds into a wooden handle to be a perfect choice.

4. Leaf Blower

According to the good people at a garden is not complete without a leaf blower. A leaf blower is your best tool for when the season changes if you’re one of those people that enjoy shades from trees as much as me. Namely, every garden should have trees, lots of trees.

They provide the perfect, natural, shade and they also allow you privacy. I have all kinds of trees planted around my garden that provide privacy from the noisy neighbors. And trust me; it’s really painful to clean up leaves with anything than a leaf blower.

3. Garden Trowel

You’d be surprised as to how much a garden trowel and hand forks are used around the garden. With so much stuff to do, a tool such as this can do multiple jobs at once. Whenever you need to dig a small hole or plant a new plant, a garden trowel will aid you every step of the way. But the nature of garden work makes it prone to breaking the tool. So for this, we suggest you chose a garden trowel with a comfortable handle and a fitted blade that won’t come loose after some time. As for the material of the blade itself, stainless steel is always your best shot at providing quality.

2. Oscillating Hoe

Any experienced gardener needs no introduction to this tool. But for those of you who are less experienced than others, an oscillating hoe is a garden tool used to hoe an entire raised bed from the same position. It looks like a normal hoe, with a long wooden handle and a swivel head. The tool is very easy to use as all you need to do is push and pull.

1. Wheelbarrow

A wheelbarrow is a tool that can be used in so many jobs. It is a must-have tool in construction, and it’s a must-have tool on our list of top 5 most essential tools for any gardener. With so much work being done around the garden, you will need something that will dispose of the dirt as you dig and make holes for plants and trees. Well, a wheelbarrow does just that, and it does it with perfection. Stainless steel or hard plastic is your best choice of material that is durable and easy to pull.