Top 5 tourist attractions you need to see in Bosnia

Bosnia is a place where the West and East meet creating a unique blend of different cultures. In spite of the country’s turbulent past, nowadays it offers around-the-clock fun as well as beautiful landscapes and many fortresses and monuments that are of historic importance. If you are thinking about visiting Bosnia, keep reading this text and learn about different places you must see.

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Firstly, we are going to tell you about the capital city, Sarajevo. The city is one of the smaller cities of the ex-Yugoslavia, which is turned into the capital after the collapse of the country. Even so, the city has a positive spirit and everything you need to find here, you will find in the city center. It is a great place for visitors from other parts of Europe and the US because the prices are quite low.

The city offers a mixture of different religions and that is why one must not be surprised to see people of different beliefs living together here. The city is often referred to as the Jerusalem of the Balkans, considering that it has a large number of mosques which are quite spectacular. While in Sarajevo, you should try their national dish, which is basically grilled meat served with onions and bread – sounds simple, but it is simply delicious. Also, don’t forget to visit the place where Gavrilo Princip shot Austro-Hungarian leader Franz Ferdinand, having triggered World War I.

Una National Park

Una National Park might be the most beautiful place in the country for nature lovers. It is a newly established national park with just over 10 years of existence, but visiting this place is time well spent. You can have a wonderful time on the Una river, which is quite calm and so beautiful. It is a place of the relaxation and the reason why it became a national park is for this region to get the much-needed protection from the state against the polluters.

The Tara River

While Una River is quite calm and peaceful, The Tara will lift your spirits, especially if you are looking for an adventure. The river is famous for its canyon which is quite fascinating and one-of-a-kind in Europe and not just the Balkans.

One of the biggest tourist attractions is the rafting on the Tara River. Gather your friends, choose one of 5 available tour plans and spend your day in the alluring surroundings. If you are interested in this adventure, read more to learn all the information.

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Bosnian Pyramids

If you haven’t heard it until now, you must be perplexed, right?! You must be thinking that the pyramids are in Egypt and the writer of this article has no idea of what he is saying. Well, wrong. recently discovered Bosnian Pyramids are a true hit and they are visited by the people from the Balkans and other parts of the world as well. They have been long-time hidden behind the greenery and having discovered them the scientists are now wondering whether these are older than the ones in Egypt, which would disrupt the entire history that we know.

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According to those who claim that these are indeed pyramids, they say that they are places of pure energy and everybody who comes here is instantly relieved of stress. However, many debunk such theories, calling these regular pyramidal-shaped mountains. Well, I guess that there is only one way to find out.

All in all, these are some main tourist attractions in Bosnia, and there are many more waiting for you to discover and savor in every moment. Welcome to Bosnia! Enjoy your stay!