Top 8 Airlines to Travel the World

Tourism is at its peak where the aviation industry has seen tremendous growth from the past years. People love flying with different brands and prefer to book their flight considering a few necessary factors: safety, comfort, and timely departures/arrivals.


Do you fly often? If yes, then what are the essential factors that you focus while choosing your airlines and book your tickets? Majorly, the audience evaluates the best one taking into account the following points:

  • Is it good?
  • Is it affordable and convenient?
  • Will it be comfortable?
  • Do the available seats offer a good flying experience?
  • Is it safe and reliable?
  • Do they offer food preferences or not?

If you wish to avail all the above factors, you can choose one of the airlines mentioned below and book your air tickets by visiting the site, which is a booking platform that offers excellent and lavish travel services to make the travel easy and memorable for all the commuters.

Without any further discussion, let’s dive into the world’s popular brands which will help you to decide which one to hoop while booking your next flight.

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World’s Best Airlines to Choose in 2019

# 1- Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is one of the top-ranked flights honored by the name “World’s Best Airline” in 2019 because it offers luxurious and comfortable services. Due to its opulent interiors, people love to travel in its first class.

Source: forbes

It has used vast Airbus A380 and is the leading operator from Changi Airport. Moreover, it is the first to launch colossus in the sky. So, you can put it on your priority list while traveling the whole world.

# 2- Azul Airlines

Have you ever flown to Brazil? If yes! Then you might have sailed with Azul. It is one of the largest international brands in Brazil.

Source: blueswandaily

It connects to approximately 100 destinations which include both interiors of the country and other countries like United and Portugal, South Ameria, etc. Moreover, if you wish to travel to Italy, you can look for the best business class flights to Italy.

# 3- Southwest Airlines

Are you familiar with the Southwest brand? It is one of the World’s largest low-cost airline which covers more than 10 countries and 100 destinations. Southwest provides outstanding options to its travelers.

Source: caribjournal

It offers most domestic passengers of any united states having headquarter in Texas. There are approximately 46000 employees who operate nearly 3,400 flights. Moreover, it is the largest operator that manages six flights per day. So try to avail the outstanding facilities by booking with Southwest.

# 4- Air New Zealand

Air New Zeland is one of the reputed global aviation, which is known for its fantastic security videos on board.  It also offers an innovative and comfortable in-flight experience, which helps them in making good relationships with your customers.

Source: msn

It operates more than 20 domestic destinations and provides services to international ports. Do you want to avail such services? Book your tickets with Air New Zealand that better their traveling experience every year to boost their revenue.

# 5- Qatar Airlines

Think about the Australian airlines which are growing better and better with the escalating competition. It holds its fourth position as it is one of the best services providers in the world.

Source: sa-airlines

Qatar is the most popular brand as it offers unmatched and superb services to their customers. As per the growing demand and to garner their premier position, its primary focus is on the economy class. It has taken a good place in travel choice ranking due to which it is awarded many awards like:


  • Best middle eastern airline
  • Best business class in the world
  • Best middle eastern business class
  • Best grand middle eastern Airlines
  • Best middle east economy class


Want are you waiting for? You can book your next flight with Qatar.

# 6-Eva Air

Eva Air stands for Evergreen Airways, which is a Taiwanese international airline. It was found in the year 1989 and flew to more than 200 destinations. It provides various operations and reached to manage the air business of various Taiwanese.

Source: airlinegeeks

As per the customer’s feedback and satisfaction factor, Eva Air is one of the most popular flights among others as it aims to achieve their objective which is to maintain its position in the top list of the flights.

# 7-Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines has set its benchmarks in this aviation industry. It is one of the most significant flights taken in the country, with its headquarters in Tokyo. Due to it’s 571 international routes and 143 domestic routes, it is ranked among the top 7 best flying brands in the world.

Source: blueswandaily

Its primary aim is to gather customer appreciation by offering them excellent in-flight services. Moreover, it connects the remote islands with Japan and aims to enhance its regional economy.

# 8-United Airlines

It is one of the another major U.S. airline which operates on international and domestic route networks. It is the largest airline alliance having 28 members in total.

Source: bizjournals

It is one of the most favored ones as it offers low price booking services, providing full comfort and passenger support. Before boarding the flight, you can check flight status via their official app or any other tracking application to know the real-time insights on departure and arrivals.

Few more Words

Hopefully!, with this brand new list of the top 8 airlines, you can plan your next destination comfortably and avail best offers on your travel. The above list might be small, but Yes! These are the top-ranked and are commonly preferred by people.

So, Don’t miss a chance to land on your next destination comfortably and at affordable prices. What are you waiting? Choose your destination place and book your tickets in advance to save your cost!!!