Top Charts: Best 10 Smart Devices Launched in 2023- Exploring the Pinnacle of Technological Innovation

Innovation doesn’t sleep, and we are glad it doesn’t, even though it may seem it’s moving too fast for us to keep up sometimes. For example, if you have an iPhone 12 released in October 2020, your device is three models behind already. The latest model, the iPhone 15 Pro, was released in September 2023. The iPhone 12 is still a great phone, but at the rate of innovation, our current devices face redundancy too soon.

The growth of AI in the technology space forces innovators to constantly look for more accessible and ingenious ways to do things. As this year draws close, we look at the top smart devices launched.

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Meta Quest 3


A few years ago, Mark Zuckerberg sold us the dream of a Metaverse, so it was only fitting that Meta would have the best virtual reality (VR) headset options. The Meta Quest 3 is a VR headset that enables immersive experiences in virtual reality. If you haven’t heard about the Metaverse, where have you been? The Metaverse is a 3D virtual space that allows people to interact with each other through avatars. Various kinds of technology, such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, power the Metaverse.

What we love about the Quest 3 is its user-friendly; you don’t have to be an IT expert to get started. You can use it to play games or visit an online casino in the Metaverse. This version is much better than the Quest 2, with features like a faster Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 processor, which translates to a more immersive VR game experience. It doesn’t have eye-tracking though, so you should wait for the Quest Pro if that is important to you.

Shark AI Ultra Vacuum

Smart homes and smart appliances are trending, and rightly so. Intelligent appliances make our lives easier, and they also have the potential to better our lives. From smart fridges to intelligent assistants, AI is an absolute convenience. The Shark AI Ultra Vacuum is a perfect combination of comfort, sustainability and value for money. Vacuuming is a chore we don’t enjoy, but it needs to be done.

The Shark Vacuum is controlled through the SharkClean app, but you can also use Google Assistant or Alexa for voice control. It uses AI to map out your floor space to maximise coverage. It can also move around objects and avoids anything more significant than 2.8 inches in size, so your pets are safe. And the best part is it is self-cleaning, so no more dealing with dust-filled bags.

Google Pixel Watch 2

Smartwatches are a dime a dozen, so when picking your next smartwatch, there are a few things to consider. Is the OS compatible with your phone and devices such as earbuds or headphones? Look at the kind of apps it offers and whether they are what you need. Lastly, it must be durable.

The first Google Pixel Watch was released in October 2022. The Pixel Watch 2 was released in October 2023 and offers two connectivity options, LTE and WiFi. It uses Fitbit health tracking technology, and you can integrate it with your smart home devices like Google Assistant and Nest Audio.

A fully charged battery will give you 24 hours of use. It is water resistant, but not swim proof. Remember, it’s not a performance watch, so it may not be suited to extreme sports.

Samsung Bespoke AI Oven


The only way to describe the new Samsung Bespoke AI Oven is that of a virtual chef. The smart camera can recognize up to 80 different types of food and recommend the correct cooking settings for each. The European model can also send you a message when your food is done.

If you use the Samsung Health app, the oven can integrate your workout and fitness data from your phone, and recommend meals for you.

Nest Audio

Nest Audio is powered by Google Assistant to set alarms, tell you the weather, and search for things on Google. You can pair it with other devices through the Google Home app and play music stored on them, including iTunes. The nest audio is not very loud, so it doesn’t work well outdoors.

Ray-Ban Stories Smart Glasses

These are the most fully-featured smart glasses around. They were developed with Facebook, so you must have an account to access their excellent features. You can also use them as Bluetooth headphones and to take pictures and videos.

The touch sensitive surface of the glasses allows you to take calls and adjust the volume. These Ray-Bans still look like normal sunglasses, and you can also get them with prescription lenses.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

This performance watch has an IP68 water resistance rating that can withstand water pressure of up to five atmospheres, making it suitable for swimmers. This watch has the latest Wear OS 4 and can also accurately measure your heart rate and blood pressure.

The watch is made of aluminium and has a rotating mechanical bezel. You can use the watch in standalone mode, however, this will give you limited functionality.

Withings U-Scan

By placing this device in your toilet bowl, it collects samples and scans your urine. It is revolutionary for the long-term monitoring of chronically ill patients.

This cartridge-based device monitors its users’ metabolic and reproductive health. Withings released this scanner at the beginning of 2023 and it is available in Europe.

Lifeaz Home Defibrillator


This is the first defibrillator to be designed for home use. The company created this defibrillator because they realised that most cardiac arrests happen at home. The machine is already on sale in the UK and most European countries. It’s still awaiting FDA approval in the USA. The device is AI-powered, and you can give it voice commands to start working.

Eufy Security Video Doorbell E340

This video doorbell has been a hit since its release in September; it features 2K resolution and two-way audio. The video allows you to see the entire length of the person and packages left on the floor. Lights at the top and the bottom of the doorbell light up when you come closer.


This year has been a great year for innovation especially in the field of AI, we eagerly await the advances that will be made in 2024 and the new tech products they will bring.