Top Ways to Make Your Relationship Magically Romantic

‘You can’t excel at something you don’t love’

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A relationship is like a newborn leaf. It requires your utmost care, appropriate inputs and nonetheless your undivided attention. When you’re in love with someone, you do your everything to keep them close, care for them with all of your heart.

In between these little spaces of a relation, you try to be romantic to your partner so that they can feel your warmth and fondness. Creating uncanny moments for your partner are something most of the people love in a relationship but often those are not spoken about.

Morning is where we all start our day on a new page, a new possibility for all of us. While your partner is still in bed, you can wake a bit early and spend it to make some morning tea or coffee for him/her. If you want to make them feel super special, you can also make some breakfast and serve it to your partner in bed.  Your partner will adore this gesture of yours.

Everyone loves surprises. To be discrete, relationships are spiced up due to surprises. For an instance, when you’re shopping for yourself, be sure to pick up one or two gifts for your partner and the next time your partner is feeling low, cheer up them by giving one of those gifts as a surprise.

Also, you can plan a romantic getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy various activities, such as swimming and a boat ride on one of the many Crab Island pontoon boats. A trip to the beach is a great way to spend quality time with your partner and enjoy much-needed relaxation.

In our modern world sometimes we do search for our partners in the digital world. If you’re one of those persons who search for their loved ones on, then a perfect romantic outdoor can be arranged via some specified personnel. After having a rough day at work, your partner will surely love a lunch take-out or dinner outing.  When you’re doing it, make it special with your tenderness and intimacy.

You can also make his/her favorite dish at home to make them feel cherished. You can suddenly make a ‘long drive’ plan with your loved ones. Plan to stay outside at night, rent a hotel room of your choice to be with them after a tough and stressful day at work. It will surely assist them with coziness.

‘Love’ might be an intangible word but it is not all about that. It consists of tangibility as well. You and your partner need to be physically close also. And by physically, we don’t mean only ‘sex’. A tight hug, hand over hand, head on other’s shoulder, a simple kiss on the forehead — all these means a lot to your partner. Studies have revealed that a ’10 second hug’ raises oxytocin level, which is the doorway to the hormone world. All these signs and he/she believes that they are appreciated in the relationship.

Suddenly come early from your work one evening and ask your partner to have a drink with you. Just the two of you, nothing else. Leave aside your mobile and everything else and listen to all the rants of your partner. No finding faults, no suggestions. Just be with him/her patiently. Your partner will feel much more caressed emotionally with you.

Research confirms that ‘reading’ prevents the progress of ‘Alzheimer and slows the process of ‘dementia’. So, if your loved one is passionate about reading, take some time off to choose a perfect book of his/her choice and gift it. Just don’t finish there and spend some time read that book together. Also, research shows that ‘reading’ improves your focus and reduce your stress. Thus it is healthy as well as mentally stimulating. Also, it may restore the lost energy in a relationship where both can be more relaxed and undertake more productive pursuits.

According to a survey, more than 63% of traveling couples admitted that they have better sexual intimacy. So, why should anyone wait and be at home? Right? This can be the sole reason you should travel more and thus it is an exciting prospect you must explore while you’re in a relationship. Also, 86% of traveling couples have confirmed that they still relish romance in their relationship compared to 73% of respondents who savor not so much.

Travelling provides an opportunity for learning and offers a room for error and flaws to be revealed in front of one another. So, in the process, you face challenges like misinterpretation, misconceptions, misunderstanding and what not. But you surely can grow from the intensify and wonderful moments experienced with each other.

Without premeditation, sometimes you need to be unpredictable and that will create a spark in your relationship. You can just point on a place, book tickets for both of you, pack and leave. Or you can just go out and then decide on the palace to go. Exploring together away to a place is some way to add fun to your routine life. Being a cheaper alternative, you can plan a random staycation just a few miles away.

A staycation allows you to enjoy each others company and stop worrying over everyday stuff. When you’re going out on date night next time, try something new. Like you can have roadside street food rather than being in a sophisticated restaurant. Irrespective of how, when or how many times, you must be innovative about your sex-life. With some courage and equally willing partner, you can fulfill your urge with some unusual bold moves.

Distance from your lover can drown you in a pool of misery. While ‘wordsmanship’ can be the ‘sin-eater’ in this cruel ‘act-of-love’. With a little inspiration from here and there, you may construct a crafting text message for your love of life and this may be the perfect romantic gesture your partner is waiting for. Just a simple ‘i miss you’ or a ‘can’t wait to come back to you’ can surely cheer up your partner who is miles away from you. Or you can write a short note and slip it into your partner’s pocket before leaving or keep a love note at bed for him/her to find. Either way, these are the cute little gestures your relation will thrive on.

A compliment from your ‘plus one’ can uplift your confidence in a relationship. That doesn’t mean you have to describe every trait of your partner every single time you meet them. But sometimes it is romantic to say the kind of person you fell in love with. Make him/her remind the wonderful memories, you both have created throughout the journey.

Plan a binge watch for a movie marathon or line up a series of tv-series of his/her’s choice. Set up a rule that one cannot watch without the other. Make something to have while you guys are watching those. Thus you can spend a mouthful with one another. It might be a low-key bonding activity but certainly, it consumes your stress of daily routines and starts your journey toward a definite goal.

With our hectic lifestyle, we cannot gather enough of ourselves most of the times. But some little things – send them delivery when they are too busy to leave the desk, an early morning drive to the outside of the city or maybe someplace else, a walk after dinner holding hands in the neighborhood or some park – will surely brighten up the mood of your relationship. Or you can have a dinner date at your home. Be sure to put on your new clothes and present with a smile and a helping hand. Your partner will envy your efforts firmly.

Confess something to your partner. Either it can be a secret you never told anybody or it can be some other ongoing situation you’re struggling with fatally. Ask them about their opinions, what do they think about your actions, what should have been done otherwise. Ask them if they were you what they would have done! It shows a deeper level of trust you have on your partner and in this relationship. Your partner can feel connected to you in a way that he/she hasn’t ever felt with anyone. You can make this idea into a pseudo-game. For every secret you tell, your partner should inform you of a one. Thus, you both become vulnerable to one another and your secrets are kept in the midst of your relationship.

Romance is not something a Tv commercial or a romantic movie exhibits and you suddenly perceive it in your relationship. It requires your extreme care and prudence. In today’s digital world, we expend plenty of visual and sensual touch time with our smartphones rather than our partner. And we expect our relationship to be a fairy. Truth to be briefed, romance is contagious. If one doesn’t practice enough, it will be a lost cause in a relationship. Once you acquire the taste of romance, you need to nurture and preserve it with your heart. It is certainly not a one-way street. You are obliged to co-create the romance in your love relationship. You’re both equally accountable and answerable for how constructive your relation is. In the end, we all can embrace little love we can get.

Life is too short. Embrace your loved ones and have a blast.