What Is The Best Trading Platform For Cryptocurrency?

Everything in the world is moving towards digital platforms, that is why people now trust digital currency more than the common currency. In this way, there are many digital currencies that exist around the world today and people are looking for platforms to buy and sell them.

Before we give more information about where to buy and sell cryptocurrencies online, let us first understand the ways in which you can use them:

  • You can use bitcoin for online shopping
  • You can also buy it as an investment because its price is often decreasing and increasing, so it is a good investment option.
  • Use it is as a currency.
  • Use it in any kind of investment through bitcoin.
  • You can sell bitcoins whenever you want.

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How can you buy bitcoins?

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To buy bitcoin, first you need to download apps on your mobile. You will be able to buy this currency only through the Internet. There are many sites where you can go and buy bitcoins. It is not necessary that you buy one full bitcoin. You can also buy some part of it.

How does the price vary?

In the initial year, the price of a bitcoin was $ 00.3, whereas its price today is more than 5 million, which is why big people are buying this currency today.

Bitcoin was first introduced in the year 2008. It is believed to have been started on the basis of a research done by a pseudo-author. It started to be discussed a lot in 2012. It is not legally recognized everywhere in the world. With the help of this, money can be transported anywhere in the world without a middleman.

Bitcoin is a digital currency and is used for payment in the same medium as cash is. It is also free from the ups and downs of inflation. The interest rate and market fluctuations does not affect it.

Bitcoin was first used back in 2010 to buy pizza. Ten thousand bitcoins were used to buy one pizza. Now, one bitcoin can buy you a huge fortune.

Best Trading Platforms for Cryptocurrencies:

1. Good Crypto:

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Good Crypto is one of the best cryptocurrency exchange platforms. It is an all in one app that delivers the best trading experience to the crypto leaders of the industry. It features advanced trading tools that empower the crypto dealers.

You can trade almost any exchange on this platform and keep a track of all your portfolios. All you need to do is create an exchange account and start trading.

As discussed earlier, bitcoin trading is possible on various platforms. If you interested in trading cryptocurrencies, then check out the below-mentioned best trading platforms for crypto.

2. Coinbase:

Source: bitcoin.com

Coinbase is one of the top cryptocurrency exchange platforms present in the market since 2018. In order to trade bitcoins on this platform, you need to first login to your Coinbase account. After logging in, you will come directly to the Dashboard. Here, you will see the current rates of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin.

If you decide to exchange cryptocurrencies on Coinbase, then you have to click on either the Buy or the sell option. Coinbase has taken several steps to ensure that all merchant accounts and assets are protected.

3. CEX:

Source: bitcoinexchangeguide.com

Talking about CEX, it is a very reliable company. You can buy bitcoins through it without any tension. If you want, you can invest by visiting the website or by downloading the pocket mobile app as per your convenience. The mobile application is available for both Android and iOS platforms:

You must first register through a mobile number. After this you will have to upload ID proof. Verification takes some time, but after verification, you will be able to purchase your bitcoins without any hassle.

  • CEX Website – https://cex.io/
  • CEX Apps – Both iOS and Android platforms

4. Bitfinex:

Source: bitmex.com

It is also a good choice. It is also a reputable company that is trusted by millions of investors. To use Bitfinex, you also have to register first and then verify the identity through the documents. After this you can buy bitcoins.

5. Binance:

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Binance is a Cryptocurrency Exchange platform. More than 50+ Cryptocurrencies have been added to this platform. You can easily buy or sell these currencies, as per your needs and convenience.

The best thing about this trading platform is that it has an amazing user interface, which is super easy to use. Even the new traders can easily get the hang of it.

You need to create a Binance account to start trading on this platform. It is extremely safe and secure and safeguards your finances. However, in order to trade on this platform, you must possess either of these coins: Bitcoin, Ethereum or Binance Coin.

Once you send the bitcoin, it gets converted into blockchain and is then transferred to your Binance account.

Go to either the site or the app to buy bitcoins. After this you have to choose the option of sign up.
After clicking on signup, you will have to enter the phone number and OTP will come to your number. After registering the OTP, you must follow the next procedure. In which you will have to fill your name, address, and email ID, as well as upload documents. After 24 hours, you will get a message or mail for account activation.
From the links given above, you can use either the app or the site version of these trading platforms.

Risks involved in trading:

Unlike traditional currencies, it is not linked to any country or bank, nor does it have any reserves. It is a digital token currency that does not really have any intrinsic value. It works on the laser, which is jointly controlled by the users of the currency. Understand clearly that if Bitcoin is closed for some reason, there will be no guarantee of getting your money back.

Final Words:

Be extremely cautious while trading in cryptocurrencies. Research well and make sure you invest in the best deal and make the best out of your trade.