Truck Accident Prevention Measures for Drivers in Michigan

Safety First: Top 5 Truck Accident Prevention Measures for Drivers in Michigan

Michigan motorists share the roads with vehicles of all kinds. Just drive a few miles on I-75, and you’ll encounter cars, motorcycles, and the beasts of the byways, big rig commercial trucks. Even unloaded, an 18-wheeler can weigh in at about 35,000 lbs. The average passenger vehicle is a mere 4,000 lbs and is no match for these massive trucks if a collision occurs.

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Top 5 Truck Accident Prevention Suggestions for Michigan Drivers

Every time you hit the road, there’s the possibility of a mishap. Sometimes they’re of no fault, but drivers who remain proactive every time they’re on public roads have better odds of avoiding accidents.

Many accidents with commercial trucks and other oversized vehicles can be prevented by following the basic rules of the road. Here are the top 5 ways to avoid an accident with a massive big rig truck.

Give Them Plenty of Room

Give truck drivers Plenty of Room


As their name implies, big rigs are big. The best driving strategy you can have is to give them plenty of room and do your best to steer clear of them when on the road. This may be easy on highways; however, it could be more difficult on city streets.

Tailgating is to be avoided for any vehicle, which is especially important for commercial trucks. Even a low-speed impact with the rear of an 18-wheeler could cause extensive damage to both you and your vehicle.

Make Sure They Can See You

Big rig trucks have visibility issues due to the length of their trailers and their cab’s height. You can see them, but they don’t always see you. Commercial trucks have severe blind spots, and for your own safety, you must avoid getting or staying in them.

A semi truck’s blind spots include:

what are semi truck's blind spots


  • 20 feet directly in front of the vehicle
  • 30 feet directly behind the truck’s trailer
  • A few feet along each side of the truck’s trailer extending diagonally

It’s incredibly important to avoid these blind spots when sharing the road with commercial big rigs. Driving alongside the rear portion of their trailer is an especially dangerous location. If you must pass one on a highway, avoid doing so on its right side. They have greater visibility on the driver’s side and are likelier to see you than if you are attempting to pass on the right.

Be Patient

Although an 18-wheeler can achieve high highway speeds, accelerating to the speed limit can take a while. Give them time to get up to speed. This is doubly important when trucks are approaching exit ramps or entering highways. Commercial trucks don’t have the luxury of speeding up or slowing down as quickly as passenger vehicles can, so be aware that they may take some time when accelerating or decelerating.

Don’t Drive Distracted

Dont Drive Distracted michigan law


A big rig may have to decelerate quickly to avoid a vehicle or debris on the road, and if you’re busy texting a friend, you’ll lose valuable seconds to avoid a collision. This is as important when driving around all vehicles, big or small, and should go without saying. Distracted driving is a main cause of traffic accidents and can be easily avoided by paying attention to the road.

Truck drivers are no strangers to distracted driving, along with long hours of driving, which can increase truck drivers’ fatigue. If you notice a commercial vehicle driving erratically, give them more place than you normally would.

Be Aware and Always Have a Getaway Plan

Staying focused when driving around 18-wheelers and other large commercial vehicles can help to avoid collisions or other accidents. After all, attention to everything on the road is the fundament of safe driving. Just as you should do with other vehicles on the road, always have a plan in mind if the unexpected happens. Regardless if the truck driver is at fault, it’s a far better strategy to have an exit plan than being involved in an accident you may not survive.

Contact a Michigan Truck Accident Attorney if You’ve Been Injured in a Collision

Unfortunately, even the most careful drivers can end up on the wrong side of an accident with a commercial truck. Collisions with these massive vehicles often come with catastrophic injuries. To avoid losing the compensation you deserve, hire a personal injury lawyer sooner rather than later. They’ll help guide you through the process and fight to ensure the truck driver is held accountable for their careless act.