Ultimate Guide to Boost Your Email Marketing CTR

When it comes to marketing of your product there are many ways to go about it. One popular form of marketing is email marketing and lot of people choose to do it to boost their sales. But, while email marketing can be effective, you may sometimes face underwhelming CTR.

Now, click through rates or CTR is very important when it comes to increasing your sales. If the subscribers aren’t clicking through your links, there will not be enough lead generation and your sales will be affected.


To help you out, here we have gathered a list of some tips and strategies that will help boost your click through rates. Have a look.

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1. Start your emails with a catching subject line

Many research have found that, a subject line plays a very important role when it comes to subscribers opening your mail. In fact, a lot of people send the emails directly to the spam folder based on the subject line.

Learning to write a subject line that attracts the attention of people and make them want to open the emails can significantly improve click through rates and conversion rates.


2. Be a reputable email sender

People these days receive so many emails from different companies that most of them are sent to their junk folder. Many people tend to check the name of the sender before opening their emails. So, there are a few strategies that you can apply here.

If you own a famous brand then you can use your brand name to send the email or you can combine the name of the company with the name of the sender.

People tend to open the email with a more personal approach.


3. Check your email formatting

Right formatting plays a great role as to whether people read the whole of your email or abandon your message halfway.
Before you send out an email make sure that it is mobile friendly. Nowadays people tend to check their emails on their mobile devices rather than on a computer, which is why you should have your emails optimized or there is a fair chance that your email will be left unread.


4. Improve the content

Content plays a very important role when it comes to boosting your CTR. When a subscriber opens an email, the content should be engaging enough that should be wanting to keep on reading for full information.

Try to make your emails as interactive as possible. You can add animated vid-eos, thumbnails or GIFs to maintain the attention of the readers.

You can also ask for feedbacks or run a short survey or poll.


5. Segment

Segmenting your audience can be a good way to improve your click through rate. You have an email list of companies and you send out your mails to eve-rybody on the list and you are wondering why your click through rates are not improving. Well, all your audience will not be interested in the same thing, which will affect the CTR. By sending relevant information and segmenting your audience, will keep them interested and increase your click through rates and conversion rates.


6. Time it right

Timing is also a crucial factor when it comes to getting your email opened. If the emails are arriving at a time when the subscribers are likely to be busy and do not have the time to read the message, your emails will go unread.

You can improve the opening rates of your emails if you send the emails in the right time. A lot of research have suggested that people are more likely to open the emails which are sent early in the morning.


Final Words

Now that you know. How to boost your CTR, you can use the tips to effective-ly improve your click through rates and see an increase in the sales.