Under Desk Cable Management Tips for a Clean Organized Look

So, you’re finally tired of those cables getting caught on your feet? How about the way that every time you stretch your legs out under your desk, you magically tap the power cord plugged into the back of your computer and everything goes blank (That’s a common issue believe it or not). In this guide, we’re going to give you some under desk cable management tips to help you save time, space, and show you how you can do a lot with a little bit more than time.


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Label Your Cords and Plugs

If you have a power strip, you’ve probably got that bugger full. There are numerous ways you can label them, and many come with icons, but what’s important that for a low price, you can easily get special color-coded labels for either your cords or just some that go on your cord plugs.


Use DIY Cable Wrappers

With a rubber mat, you can create your cable bone that you can wrap your cable in. Or even better, some people even use things like credit cards or even coin wrappers. What??? Either way, there are always creative things you can use (even dowel rods) to create your cable shorteners. You can also buy pre-made cable wrappers online if you don’t want to make yours too.


Buy ReUsable Cable Ties

You can use re-usable ties, which are excellent for wrapping up your cords. Other than that, you can even use reusable zip ties which are a ton cheaper and require less maintenance. Most cable ties are made with Velcro, and they can fray over time.


DIY Cable Baskets

You can use several options from those old shower caddies or wire shoe caddies. Hang them on the side of your desk, or upon your wall underneath your desk. While these are good options, they’re not always the best though.


Buy a Cable Corral

This is probably one of your best options out of all of the above. If you want to do that, great. If you want to get a product that can easily help you hide your cable neatly with minimal work, invest in a cable corral. These handy baskets are perfect for storing all of your cables, power strips, modems, routers, and so much more, and you can even wrap your cables on the “prongs” that are on the side. TechDek makes an amazing under desk cable management product for a really low price that is very sturdy. Plus, you can use the above tricks and throw them in there to save even more space.



All in all, these different tips can help you a tremendous amount when it comes to tidying up your desk space. You should be able to game, work, or sit at your computer comfortably, and what’s most important, you should always have room and not have to fight with your cables (speaker cables are the complete worst when it comes to tangling). By using a product like a cable corral, and all of the tips above, you can get the most out of your computer area, and make things look so much neater without the hassle of all the DIY options.