Top 8 Reasons Why is Video Compression Important

If you have an online video platform, you must look at various aspects so that you do not lose customers. The moment you start losing your audiences, the platform’s value, automatically decreases. Well, when a video shooting is going on, you are concentrated on lights, character, and every other aspect. In a way, you do not take care of the specifications. One of the important aspects is to Wondershare so that many people get to watch it. After a video is compressed, you will start earning more revenue with more leads.

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Why is it necessary to compress videos?


Suppose you have released a video on your platform today, and when people get a notification about that, they will visit the website to download and watch it. When they click on the download process, they find that it is quite high. As a result, half of the bandwidth will get consumed here, and the mobile also does not have enough space to store it. It is the time when you will understand the importance of video compression. Well, here are some of the pointers explaining the importance of video compression, and they are:

1. Reach more audiences

Viewers will never prefer to visit your website unless and until they are highly convinced with the videos that the site has. Moreover, the video size plays an integral role here, and if it is huge, people will ignore it. Therefore, only 10% of the worldwide internet connection can deliver at least 25 Mbps.

It means if you are interested to watch a series on Amazon, you must definitely have at least 25 Mbps. In case the videos are compressed before uploading, the platform can gain efficiency at least by 40%. That’s why; it is of utmost importance to compress the video before uploading to your platform. Once you do it, you will experience a significant change in growth in the audience.

2. Eliminate buffering problems

Buffering is everyone’s enemy who loves watching videos. At times, the buffering happens to such an extent that you lose your interest in watching a video. Probably, you must have experienced this situation quite a lot of times. Well, if the video is compressed, the size of the file reduces, and with that, you will no longer face any such problem.

3. Lesser internet consumption

The reduction in internet consumption can have a great impact, and in return, it saves a lot of money for you, as well as viewers. Even if you have a short bandwidth, you can still upload your video as it does not need much. Additionally, the viewers can watch or download the video without using more internet.

4. Enhancing the quality of the video

A great platform will retain the quality of the videos even after compressing it. Not only that, but some platforms also allow you to enhance the quality, in case you require it. It is an essential reason that even after reducing the size to a great extent, still, you can watch HD videos with lesser internet consumption.

5. Easy sharing across social media platforms

When you are coming up with a video platform, you would want to have more customers on your website. For that, you would like to share the video across various social media platforms. Here if you have compressed the video, it will not take you so much time to share. But if you do not prefer to go ahead with compression, you may not see much change in the number of views.

6. Better performance

A compressed video will help in saving money and increasing the storage speed with the performance. Well-known platforms like Amazon, Netflix, etc., allow their viewers to download the video and watch it later. In this regard, when the video is compressed, downloading becomes faster. Even if you upload a large video, your viewers can download it in lesser time. It gives the feasibility to viewers to download and watch movies then and there.

7. Transfer your content through email

You must know that if a file is more than 25MB, you cannot transfer or attach it. If it’s an important video, it becomes difficult for you to transfer, and you probably look for various alternatives. But if you prefer choosing brilliant software, you can compress the video in no time. Irrespective of how huge the file is after compressing, you can transfer the file. With that, you can start transferring videos to your loved ones in a single file, instead of preparing new mails.

8. Videos: A preferred way of advertising

Advertisements and promotions are the most important requirement for companies, and for that, videos are preferred the most popular way. When you visit an eCommerce site, you will come across some videos, explaining how to use the product. Usually, videos are uploaded so that customers get convinced by looking at the video and purchasing the product.

However, if the video creator has uploaded the video without resizing it, customers will not prefer to watch it. In the end, the estimated sales of your company reduce, and it is not a good sign. But if you prefer to compress a video, buyers will watch your video and purchase the product.