Visiting Hoi An – here is a list of things you need to see and do

Hoi An is located in central Vietnam, in the Quang Nam province. Hoi An is not only a magnificent city that is beautiful to look at, but it is well known for its “yellow” UNESCO town. You will be able to enjoy the views of lanterns that decorate the streets, try some amazing cuisine, as well as enjoy that everything is cheap, including beverages that are usually less than a dollar. What is interesting about Hoi An is that it is made out of the World Heritage Ancient Town and the rest of the city, so it is a whole package.

So, what are the amazing things to do in Hoi An? Take a look at this list:

  1. Walk on the Japanese Covered Bridge – this Japanese bridge was built in the 1600s, and it features a unique roof design which is above a small stream. The bridge is embedded with various symbols and is one of the most famous places in Hoi An today. If you walk to the center of the bridge, you will find a small shrine where locals go to pray, make merits, and leave gifts.


  1. Take a boat trip on the Hoai River – the boats that are used are completely rowed by hand, so tourists can enjoy and feel the peaceful atmosphere of this old, ancient town. What you will be able to see are old houses, that are hundreds of years old, the busy city, and the lively people. While on the boat trip, tourists will be able to hear stories about Hoi An from the boatmen. When taking the tour at night, it is an even more beautiful experience, since the lanterns hanging down the river will leave a light trail that your boat will follow, making you feel like you are in a fairytale.
  1. Get tailor-made clothes – one of the most famous destinations for handmade clothes and shoes is Hoi An. Why is that you might ask? Because the quality is high and it is incredibly cheap. After you choose the shop and agreeing for a price, you will be able to decide on a wide range of designs and fabrics. In one day, you will have new tailor-made clothes, made to fit you perfectly.
  1. Visit the Ancient Temples Of My Son – the ruins of My Son are worth the visit while in Hoi An. The old temples are just an hour away from Hoi An, and they are located in the valley of a beautiful green forest. During the war against Viet Cong, there were a lot of bombings that partly destroyed the temples. You will not be able to compare it to the, for example, well-maintained temple site of Angkor Wat, but a tour to these ruins (that are taken through the jungle), is something you should not miss.


  1. Eat an authentic Banh Mi Sandwich – according to one of the most famous chefs Anthony Bourdain, Hoi An is the home to the best Banh Mi sandwich. The sandwiches are amazing and quite affordable, a usual sandwich in Hoi An costs 20.000 dong, which is $1. It is recommended to try this traditional sandwich with all the topping.


These are only 5 things that you can do while in Hoi An. However, you could also enjoy going to its beautiful beaches, dropping flower lights on the Hoai River, drinking coffee in the Old Town, as well as cycling around the Old Town. This beautiful city will give you memories that you will remember for the rest of your life, memories that will probably make you want to go back to Hoi An.