Visiting Israel – Here Is What You Need To Know

Israel is a place that a lot of people want to visit, and if you are the traveling type as well, the chances are that it is already on your bucket list. Well, if you are going to visit Israel, you might as well read this article, it’ll be of great help.

Today we’re talking about everything you need to know for when you land in Israel, including things to do, places to visit, and many other interesting things. So, if you want to learn more, we advise you to read until the end. Without further ado, here’s what you need to know.

Visiting Israel – Things you need to know

  • Food

Are you a person that loves food? Do you like to try different dishes? Well, upon visiting Israel, you’ll realize that hummus is one of the most popular dips which is served in many different ways and is also a traditional food that originates from there. If you’ve never tried hummus before, you will love it, and if you did, prepare to try the real deal, because no hummus is better than the one in Israel. Hummus in Israel is served either as a starter or a main dish.

Some people that visited this country say that your trip is not really successful if you don’t try two hundred different dishes, and it is undoubtedly true. This country has so much to offer in terms of eating, and you have to try as many dishes as you can. Food sharing is really common in Israel, so one interesting thing that you can do is order a different dish with your friends every time, then mix it up and let each other try a different one.

An important thing that is worth mentioning is Kosher, and if you don’t know what that is, we’re here to explain. Food in Israel has rules, and in most places that are run by religious people, there are specific rules that you have to follow if you want to eat there. For example, the main rule is not to mix dairy with meat, and although most young Israeli people don’t care about this as much, it is still worth knowing in case you want to eat in such a restaurant.

  • Place to stay

Finding a place to stay in Israel will probably be one of the first things that you’ll have to take care of. There are many good choices, and people in this country are usually really friendly, so you will have no trouble doing this. However, if you want our recommendation, feel free to check Eden’s Boutique in order to learn more.

Israel is not cheap, and that’s a fact. But it’s well worth it. Sometimes a beer can cost somewhat close to $10, but everything that you’re going to buy there is going to be of good quality. Israeli people have some sense of honor, so they won’t going to try and trick you into spending more money for something that’s not worth as much.

If you are a person that doesn’t drive, finding a place to stay that is close to the exciting things is quite essential unless you want to be grabbing a taxi every time you want to head somewhere. And yes, we said taxi because Uber is non-existent in the country, which is not a big deal anyway.

Israel has a lot to offer, and there’s the Burning Man festival as well, so if you are interested in those types of activities, feel free to visit in a time when such events take place. Overall, you should be pretty satisfied with your visit to this country, and we consider it one of the places that are a must-visit for a person who loves traveling and exploration. Visit this website if you want to find some of the most affordable private tours to this mesmerizing country!