5 Benefits of VoIP Phone Systems for Small Businesses in 2024

Small business owners are always looking to improve their services and to provide better customer service to their clients and potential customers. Communication is crucial when it comes to offers, campaigns, and making new and better deals. Nowadays the preferred method of communication is the phone and here we are going to give you more information about VoIP systems.

With these systems, you will be able to get features like multi-functionality and the option to connect everything with your smart devices. No matter how big or small your company is, you can use and afford all of the features that you need to create a better place for your customers.

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1. Different features


One thing that small business owners have always complained about is the features. We all know that big companies are allowed to have many different features and they are available for them because of the number of employees. Usually, they require multi-line phones, so click here to find out more about how these phones work and why they are one of the top choices.

With the traditional communication systems, smaller companies can only get plans that offer the basic features and they will not get any extras unless they pay a lot of money for them. With VoIP, you will be able to get many different options no matter if your company has 5 employees or one thousand.

The feature most people are looking forward to is the notification settings. Now you don’t have to be in the office all the time and you will receive all the emails, voicemails, and calls on your preferred email. Call redirecting is another handy option, as your employees can use it even if they are working from home.

2. Security


The thing we all fear the most – our data being stolen or used for negative purposes. One fact you’re probably didn’t know before is that many companies that use and collect user data may get hacked, and your number may be used for promotions that are not real or legal. Businesses noticed that sometimes their calls to the clients get intercepted and later on, the information is used to make the client pay money for services that do not exist.

If you want to protect your client’s information and if you want to protect all of your data, then you need to be really careful with the providers you choose. One of the benefits of VoIP is that there are great security measures that will keep all the information private and safe.

Calls cannot be intercepted and your client’s numbers will not get stolen. This covers every part of the call, even voice or video calls, depending on the plans you go with.

3. Costs


How much are you paying now for your traditional communication method? Small business owners report that they pay hundreds of dollars for services that are just a little bit more than the bare minimum and they usually get bad quality and cannot hear their clients clearly.

Many people notice that if they are looking for a better plan from their current provider, the costs are too high and they cannot afford to use them for all of their employees.

Even though VoIP sounds like something that would be more expensive, the reality is, it is much cheaper than other traditional providers. Even if we start with the equipment and the headsets, they are less expensive and users report that they are far better.

The costs for international calls, as well as domestic ones, will be less than half the price you are already paying, and you will be able to get the plan you want, including free additional features.

Places like The VOIP City offer their users to choose between setting up new VoIP phone systems or to set up and upgrade their already existing systems. The benefit of this is that you can choose between functions as pay per use, or pick the unlimited option, and you can even set things up for employees that live on the other side of the world.

4. Productivity


When you have a system that does not make connections unstable and when the clients can hear and understand everything your employee is saying, your workers will be much more productive.

The statistic shows that when using traditional providers, one employee can spend up to five minutes talking to a potential client about an offer that needs to be presented in less than two minutes. This is time wasted for both your company and for your potential clients. We don’t have time to repeat things over and over again, and when the connection is bad, we usually lose patience and hang up.

When companies switch to the cloud or VoIP services, the quality is going to be much better and your employees will be much more productive. At the same time, this system will allow you to contact different clients at the same time and if they don’t pick up, a previously recorded message can be left on their voicemail. This saves a lot of time and your employees will be able to promptly finish their tasks. Another benefit is having to access remote employees and clients. So even if you are a Vancouver-based company, you can still make business calls via VoIP. The right service provider will make workflow more convenient and faster. Research and learn more details about choosing the right service provider for your needs.

5. Automation


Many clients will have the same questions and you will have to answer them over and over again. Even though in some cases this is not a bad thing, but it usually means that you will have to spend too much time doing the same things.

With these phone services, you will be able to make some recordings of the FAQs and use them during or after office hours. Your clients won’t have to wait to be connected to an operator if they can hear the answer to their question that was previously recorded. Sometimes people don’t like to open the company’s website and read the information and they are more interested in hearing the things they want to learn about you and your business. No matter if we are talking about the location of your office or the working hours, you can record all of these things and set them up so clients can access them when they call you.

Another benefit that you will get with VoIP is the option to record all calls. This feature is great when it comes to the information your client gave you, questions they had, and you can even set up the statistics on when you get the most calls and what are people most interested in.

It is said that this type of service in the future and most business owners prefer it to other plans and providers. Make sure you write down all the features you are going to need and give VoIP a chance.