Which Water is Purest for Drinking

People can survive without love however there is not even a single person who can live without water. It is a crucial need of life and still, 80% of the world’s water is treated like trash that in return pollutes the rivers, lakes, oceans, etc. The widespread pollution is causing hazardous diseases and jeopardizing the health of the individuals. The number of people who died from drinking contaminated water is higher than the rate of people who died during wars. The water which is accessible at our homes is less than 1% of the pure water. By 2050, its crisis will increase more and one-third global demand increase is expected. People who are having a chilly and clean glass at home think that the drinking water issues are faced in some other region and you’re in a safe zone but this is not true. There is no guarantee that the glass of liquid that you’re consuming is clean. There can be harmful contaminants like copper, lead, arsenic because they are basic potential contaminants commonly found. After watching these conditions, we’re still not hopeless in contradiction and threat to the clean drinking water. You can get more info here.

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Universal solvent and reasons for its pollution

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Municipal waste and our industries are mainly responsible for its pollution. Heavy metal, chemicals, and toxic contaminants are a threat to wild, aquatic, and marine life as well. It is decreasing the ability to reproduce further and in some cases, the life span of individuals. Our lakes and rivers are filled with chemicals and waste materials like plastic and other pollutants are drowning in them. Water is claimed to be a universal solvent because it can dissolve every other substance. This is the reason why it gets polluted so quickly and easily. Waste material of factories, farms, industries, etc. quickly gets absorbed in it causing its pollution.

Major issue: No access to clean drink

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No access to clean water is resulting in various issues and people are bound to consume filtered or mineral liquid. Let us tell you about the purest form of water. The answer is Rainwater. It is the cleanest and natural form of water to be consumed. It should be collected directly to have the safest liquid. It is providing a clean liquid supply to a lot of population. People can filter or boil this water if they doubt 100% purity. Once it is boiled, it becomes the best source of clean and pure liquid.

Process of collecting rainwater and harvesting

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The process of harvesting is used to collect pure and clean water. This technique processes and filters the liquid from the clouds. It is sometimes collected from other surfaces like rooftops but that liquid cannot be used for drinking. However, it can be used for toilet use, gardening, livestock, and laundry. Avoid this liquid for washroom sink and kitchen use. Before the process, weather conditions and patterns of rainfall are assessed. For drinking purposes, it is collected from the natural source clouds so that contaminants don’t become its part. This process strengthens our supply systems.

What is an alkali?

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Alkali refers to the level of pH in liquid.  The level of pH can be measured on the scale 0 to 14. For example, a substance with a pH less than 7 will be acidic and a substance with a pH greater than 7 will be alkali. 7 refers to neutral behavior and is the pH of pure water. Our daily diet is acidic because most of us consume grains, processed foods, sodas, meat, fish, etc. This food item increases the level of acid causing acidity. Except for this, the high level of acids in the body can result in kidney failure, obesity, dehydration, and diabetes. It is essential to neutralize the acidic effect and for this, it is important to consume alkaline water. The pH level of the alkaline drink is more than 7. It offers a lot of benefits to the human body.

Benefits of Alkaline water

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There are a lot of benefits that alkaline water provides to our bodies.

  • Anti-aging

Alkaline liquid has anti-aging properties that help us in slowing down the aging process and keeping us young and fresh.

  • Clean colon

It also has colon cleansing properties that clean our colon and make our body functions healthy.

  • Immune system

It also benefits our immune system by keeping it strong. The immune system should be very strong especially COVID-19 has made us realize the importance of a strong immune system. Drink alkaline liquid and make your systems strong so the fighting with diseases becomes easy.

  • Hydration

It hydrates our body and its detoxifying properties help us in having better skin. It improves skin health.

  • Weight loss

Obesity is so common and a high number of individuals ate obese. All over the world obesity is causing various diseases and issues which are making the life of people terrible. People invest in crash diet plans. Consuming this can help in losing weight easily without any side effects.

  • Cancerresistance

It aids in escaping ourselves from Cancers. Cancer is caused because of the high acid level. An alkali neutralizes the acid effect hence save us from cancers.

A solution to all these problems

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The best solution is to look for the option which is purest for drinking. Rainwater Alkaline Bottled water can be considered as a reliable option when it comes to consuming safe and pure water as it is filled with the goodness of alkaline properties which are beneficial for health. Also, Rainwater serves as the purest form of water when collected through the harvesting process. The second important element while choosing water is its packaging.  Most of the packaging is plastic-based which is harmful to the environment and the human body. On the other hand, aluminum bottles and cans are the more convenient and safest option as they are recyclable and keep the liquid fresh, tasty, and crisp.  These packages save the environment by discarding the use of plastic bottles.