Ways To Clean Your Garage

The garage is that part of the house which we use to store the stuff we no longer have use for. Well, we might have use of them but the garage is the temporary solution to our storage problem.

As time goes on we tend to pile up our garage, and we don’t even notice it. Next thing you know, you barely have room to park the car. But overcrowding the garage is a rather inconvenient problem. With so much stuff piled up, you could hardly find anything in there. Sooner or later, you might have use of your old bike that clutters the garage, but you won’t be able to reach it because you’ve piled up the garage so much.

That’s why we’ve written this article to help you clean your garage when the time comes. With so much stuff piled up, things can get messy and our garage is in desperate need of that sweet summer cleaning.

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Step 1: Take Everything Out


The first thing you need to do is open the garage door, clear the driveway, and start taking everything out. For this step, we suggest you open a yard sale and get rid of the stuff you no longer need. This will clear up some valuable garage space, and you’ll make a few bucks along the way. Just make sure you’re doing it on a nice and sunny day.

Step 2: Sort Everything into 4 Piles

For this step, we suggest you organize things up into 4 piles. The first pile is your “keep” pile. Place everything that you plan on keeping, without any bias towards stuff that you 100% know you have no use of.  The second pile is the “donate” pile, where you place the stuff that you know will make someone else happy. The third pile is the “trash” pile, and you place everything that you no longer need such as broken stuff, junk, old papers, etc. And the last pile is the “sell” pile, hence why we recommend you open up a garage sale.

Step 3: Clean the Floor


You’ve sorted everything out and you know which items you keep, donate, throw away, and sell. Now it’s time to do the hard work. Chances are, there will be some questionable liquid spilled on the floor from all the junk you’ve kept all these years. To effectively clean the floor, we suggest you head over to https://allgreatvacuums.com/ where you can browse some of the best vacuum cleaners that will clean any stain from your garage floors.

Step 4: Clean the Walls

This one is trickier as there tends to be more work involved. From vacuuming spider webs to sponging mold, the walls of our garage are the hardest to clean. For an effective solution, we suggest you make a mixture of water and oxygen bleach. Fill a bucket with hot water and start wiping down the walls with a sponge. Make sure to wear gloves as chemicals are very dangerous for your skin.

Bonus Tip: Start Organizing Things


Cleaning is easy, but what’s to say that you won’t pile things up in the future? To avoid such messy situations, we suggest you start placing wall hooks and shelves for better item management. Start labeling boxes and clearing out bins so that you don’t lose the items you most need from your garage.

Once you’ve done everything on this list, you can sit back and enjoy the extra room in your garage. You can even get a pool table or tennis table and enjoy the activity with your friends.