8 Rules Every Women Should Know About Wearing Knee-High Boots

Knee-high boots certainly experienced their boom during the 90s of the last century. Today, interest in this piece of clothing has remained the same. And how could they not when they are the symbol of a woman’s sexiness? So as soon as the temperatures drop and autumn begins, we can see these beauties on the streets.

Although there are countless variations when it comes to the look of these shoes, it’s not that easy to style them. If this has been bothering you until now, here are some tips that might help you.

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1. Black knee-high boots go with everything

A favorite among favorites. The most represented model that appears in the world of cinematography, from the famous Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman boots to Ariana Grande, for whom it is a trademark alongside her high ponytail.

We know that the color black is very easy to combine with all clothing combinations, so you won’t go wrong if you decide on regular jeans. If you still want to experiment with prints, these boots come in handy.

But we must single out our favorite winter outfit, which is a long coat in combination with these boots that leaves everyone breathless.

2. Be bold in wearing leggings

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Yes, you heard right. The combination of these two can be risky. With the arrival of lower temperatures, we are looking for more comfortable and warmer things, but still, some limits must exist. As much as this boot is wearable with almost everything, we still have to say that we are not fans of this outfit.

But if you don’t give up your desire to wear these two, then we recommend suede boots. Be careful with colors too. Choose warmer and cream shades to avoid a complete fashion disaster. Just a few people can pull off this look like the Olsen sisters.

3. Long skirts are stylish

If you want to look chic and at the same time trendy, here is the solution for you. Long skirts are your best friend in this case. We suggest you play with the materials when you decide to style these two.

If you are brave enough, combining the same materials like leather can be the right choice. While on the other hand, summer skirts don’t have to be retired when winter comes. Summer skirts are quickly transformed into winter skirts if you add a sweater and knee-high boots to them.

4. Mini skirts are made for you

Mini skirts have one purpose and that is to combine with these boots. Jokes aside, but it does seem like it. Whether you want to go out or have coffee with friends, while looking and feeling good, short skirt and tall boots are the right solution for you.

If you want to visually add a few centimeters of height, we advise you to leave space between these two so that your legs can be seen. Think about this combination of a woolen sweater or a turtleneck and a long coat. It gives off the impression of the main character in a Christmas movie.

5. Black long dress for all occasions

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A black long dress gives the impression of elegance, but when paired with this shoe, it can also look casual. Depending on whether you choose a coat or a jacket, your appearance also changes.

You’ll be able to wear this look to work without feeling like you’ve overdressed yourself. While on the other hand, it can also serve you for a date night with your partner in a restaurant. The opportunities to show off this outfit are countless, as is the choice of type of these boots. So, if you’re still in doubt, here’s where you can find everything you want https://www.dreampairshoes.com/collections/womens-knee-high-boots

6. Rihanna style

If your role model is Rihanna, here’s your chance to look like her. Yes, you didn’t read it wrong, and it’s not a mistake. We’re not referring to Ariana even though she’s the queen of these knee-high boots. However, we have to pay tribute to Rihanna because she made crop tops famous in combination with this shoe.

Although it seems to you that this may have gone out of style, it is not. Street style is more than ever maintained by the choice of this styling. Well, if you want to fantasize about walking around New York, here’s how to do it visually. Without revealing much, you can look sexy and trendy at the same time.

7. Shorts are a big no-no

We need to draw your attention to this choice. Unless you want to look like a participant in some reality show or a poorly dressed girl, avoid this.

This is by far the worst possible combination you can allow yourself. And no, no solution will fix the already bad impression. No matter what type of material you decide on, you simply will not succeed. In addition, you are depriving these boots of their full potential. Our advice is to avoid shorts so that you don’t ruin the day of people who have to see that fashion disaster.

8. All-time favorite – jeans

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Remember, you can never go wrong with this. Why? Because they are literally for all time. Of course, if you are going to a wedding or a formal event, they’re not the best choice, but for everything else – oh my god, yes. From work to going out, you name it.

A pair of good jeans will do you a favor for the rest of your life because they go well with everything you want. If you want your outfit to give the impression that you didn’t put in too much effort, and still look good, here is the right choice for you. This style is usually attributed to French women, so if you want to show that little French girl in you, feel free to choose this outfit.

You can wear it with a crop top, sweater, roll top, or a regular T-shirt. The choices are unlimited, and the look always remains perfect.


If you haven’t bought the perfect pair of knee-high boots by now, it’s time to rush to the first shopping center. And if you don’t want to leave the house, then it’s time to call your friend Google for help.