Wearing Pendants in 2024

Beautiful and elegant jewelry, without exaggeration, is one of the main “weaknesses” for every woman. As they say, “Diamonds are a girls’ best friends …” But today, we will not talk about diamonds as much as the most fashionable and versatile jewelry for women, without which no modern image can do. These pieces of jewelry are good for office, entertainment, business meeting or even relaxation. We present you – trendy pendants for 2024.

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Jewelry Trends In 2024


It doesn’t matter what style of clothing you prefer, or what area of activity you are in – every woman will be able to choose original and, most importantly, fashionable jewelry pieces for this season. Modern jewelry 2024 is presented with luxurious and sophisticated options for an irresistible evening look, as well as sophisticated and concise decorations for the office and every day.

The major jewelry trends in 2024 are layers, the abundance of stones, volumetric and asymmetrical jewelry, geometric style, color variations, presence of brooches, large rings and of course – the pendants. It is important to remember that, even if you are not a fan of wearing jewelry every day and you do not want to attract unnecessary attention – there are still some great and original pieces of this jewelry to consider for the season of 2024.

How To Choose Jewelry?


Properly selected fashion jewelry can radically change your overall look, bringing a bit of flair and extravagance. You can complement any look with beautiful jewelry, which will allow you to look every day in a new, fresh and elegant style, regardless of your wardrobe.

Fashion jewelry can perfectly complement casual clothing, which can easily be transformed from everyday to elegant and sophisticated clothes for a festive event or special occasion. Therefore, it is important to choose the right pieces for the 2024 season, which would not only be beautiful but also intricately combined in all your looks. You need to be familiar with the main trends as well as how to wear fashion jewelry and thus complement your fashion image.

Fashionable Pendants 2024


Among the most up-to-date neck decorations, designers offer us necklace pendants, represented by the interweaving of several massive chains with a large number of rhinestones and stones that place special emphasis on the neck and pendants.

Various chains with pendants that look a bit elegant and sophisticated are also popular in this fashion season. If you prefer a chain with spectacular large pendants or stones – then do not load your styling with other large pieces of jewelry.

Choice Of Pendants And Their Meaning


The jewelry you choose to wear can reveal your personality and mood, so you must make wise choices at times. So take a look at jewelry from reputable manufacturers like Valeria Custom Jewelry, because it is here that you can find something that will embody your character.

Because who knows who will be watching you. The pendant not only completes every one of your fashion combinations, it tells a story. The one special – the story of you. Therefore, when choosing a pendant that you will gladly wear or lovingly give to someone – pay attention to the symbols and their meaning.

The Elegant And Stylish



An affordable and elegant way to get trendy – buy a teardrop-shaped pendant for a necklace. Such a piece of jewelry will draw attention to your appearance and will raise your self-confidence. Many famous brands make such pendants with unique designs. This piece of jewelry speaks of its owner’s refined taste and sophistication. Plus, such a modern little thing on you – will look very sexy to men.

Popular And Bold



The Dragonfly is a symbol of happiness, courage, strength, change, wisdom, peace, harmony and purity. It announces the change, brings strength and courage. It is connected to our subconscious and dreams. It is believed that if you meet him in nature, the Dragonfly will bring you happiness and new insights, new beginnings. With beautiful jewelry with this symbol, lucky encounters can be possible every day.




The heart is a symbol of love that transcends all barriers. The heart is fluttering, strong, but also vulnerable. Heart-shaped pendant sends a powerful message and uniquely conveys emotions. Therefore, it is no wonder that the heart symbol is one of the most beloved.



Pendants with an infinity sign are extremely popular right now, but their deeper meaning gives us hope that this “trend” will become long-term. We want so many things to last forever, but sometimes what we want or feel is hard to put into words. Isn’t it great to wear a pendant that tells a story and does it for us?


The Sun


Sun-shaped pendants are also common this season. They will become your talismans. They will help you unlock your potential, strengthen your emotional flow and protect you from distress. This option is perfect for different clothing combinations. This pendant will give the owner generosity, kindness, responsiveness, attractiveness and honesty. Ideal for creative people.

Guardian Angel

An angel shaped pendant is still one of the most popular ones. Such a pendant will highlight your tenderness, grace, and elegance. It is most often chosen by romantic women as well as young girls. You can find various types of such pendants, made of different materials. You can choose an old fashioned or modern style look.




The butterfly symbolizes free life and flight, which speaks of a deep-rooted human desire for a joyful and free life. The butterfly also represents physical beauty, love, and flowers. Many cultures view butterflies as a symbol of transformation and regeneration. In Japan, for example, the butterfly is a symbol of young girls, and in America, it is considered a symbol of leadership and change.


Wing-shaped pendants are popular not only among young people but also by older generations. Such a product will be a great gift for any celebration of your friend or a loved one. It symbolizes eternal friendship, love, and support. The model is perfect for any wardrobe and style. Emphasize your personality and style with such a piece of jewelry.