Top 4 Best Websites to Sell Old Furniture – 2024 Guide

There are numerous places you can sell old furniture both locally and online. While selling old furniture might not be the most lucrative thing to do, it’s better than furniture removal. But all in all, it depends on the condition of the piece of furniture in question. If it’s too worn out, then the feasible option would be to dispose of it using a reliable furniture removal company.

The saying old is gold isn’t just for show. It actually holds water when you’re selling your piece of furniture. In fact, if anything, furniture removal companies mostly take collected furniture to recycle or reusing plants. And this goes to show that it may be old, but that doesn’t mean it’s useless. People use furniture removal methods, or better still, sell furniture for different reasons. It may be that you’re renovating the house and want a change in the furniture design. Or it may just be due to the old age of the items. Whichever your reason is, here are some of the websites you can use to complete the deal:

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1. Craigslist


The first website that had to top our list is craigslist. Who doesn’t even know this website? At least most people who make online transactions on items know about craigslist. It’s one of the most visited online classified sites. Therefore, it enjoys some significant web traffic.

And when you hear of high web traffic, you should know that there are plenty of customers ready to purchase the items you share there. You can almost sell anything on craigslist – maybe just except for a bag of used diapers. Everything else, including furniture, goes on craigslist.

Listing your items on the platform is free, and you can do it within minutes. The best part is that it won’t take you long to receive an update from the platform on someone interested in purchasing the piece.

Like any other platform that helps you sell items online, you must take quality photos of your furniture. This will help clients get a good virtual experience of what the item looks like before buying. A majority of online buyers will only take an interest in an item if it has good images. Otherwise, they’ll put it aside and look for something else that interests their eyes. Good photos also help to reassure them that the item is still in mint condition. A detailed description should also act as the icing on the cake, as it’ll assist the buyer get enough details about the item.

2. Facebook Marketplace


You can’t overlook Facebook when you’re talking about platforms for selling items. With over a billion users on the platform, there’s enough potential to find the right buyers for your item. How does it work? When you share your old piece of furniture here, potential buyers within your area will see it and purchase it by contacting you. The great side of it is that even friends and family use this platform. You might be having close relatives or friends that have long been interested in an item you own. And this platform would grant them the rare chance of asking you about it.

Now, what’s better than selling an old piece of furniture, which you hold so dear, to your close friend or family? Not even calling a furniture removal company can give you that level of satisfaction. At least, you’ll be happy knowing that even if it’s no longer inside your premises, it’s in a better place with someone that you know.

3. Letgo


The best part about using Letgo is that it’s completely free. And this is perhaps the first site that comes to mind when you’re thinking of furniture removal. As long as you have great visuals of the items you’re selling, you can do pretty well with anything of sale.

Listings on the platform lie under different categories, based on what someone is looking for. And this makes it easier for people to get what they want to buy. For instance, if you’re looking for furniture, like in this case, you just head on to the furniture category.

The other good thing about this platform is that if you’re selling multiple items simultaneously, the buyer will easily see everything at a go. You can either use the site or the app to make the listing.

4. OfferUp


This is yet another great platform that you can use when you want to sell furniture instead of disposing of it through a furniture removal company. It’s pretty easy and straightforward to use for anyone. All you need to do is to download their app and register as a seller.

Once you’ve done this, you can list your item and wait for the right buyer. Listing an item on the platform is free. But when it comes to shipping and the service costs, you might expect to part with something.

Last but not the least…

Wrapping up, these are some of the top websites and apps that you can use to sell old furniture. There are also websites for furniture removal, but that’s a story for another day. For now, contact your nearest furniture removal company if the piece of furniture is not in a sellable condition.  For more information visit