10 Wedding Decoration Ideas That Work All Year

Weddings prima facie are to solidify the commitment and love that two people have for each other. However, there is much more beyond a promise. Weddings are events that stay etched in your memory for a long time. You can have one of your special days ruined if not properly planned.

Some people prefer wedding planners if they want something out of the box, while others prefer doing everything on their own, ranging from planning, managing, shopping, decoration, catering, etc. Your shopping and decor can be made easy by Sziqiqi with a wide variety of products to make better choices.

A classic wedding is not only about the venue but also the color palette, lighting, culinary experience, invitations, music, and whatnot.

Here are 10 timeless essentials for a classic wedding to ease your planning stress when it comes to decoration:

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An invitation card is the first thing people will see and decide if they want to come to your wedding. Classic wedding invitations are minimalistic in design, color, and text. One should not cram in a lot of irrelevant information and keep it crisp. When it comes to the color palette, choose the one that is in sync with your wedding theme. One can make it look like a regal invite with stunning calligraphy.


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Choosing an elegant venue is the foundation of initiating wedding decor planning. It needs to be scrutinized as per the guest list and weather of the place. You wouldn’t want an outdoor wedding, drenched in the rain!

One can go for classics like banquets, churches, clubs, and hotels that already have many weddings, so you would not have to worry about seating arrangements and whatnot. If you want something subtle, you can go for European-style monuments and outdoor spaces with lush greenery for those who want to get married in the open. You can have simple white tents with nature’s beauty offering the perfect combination of white and green decor.

Color Palette

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Neutral and pastel shades are always in vogue, no matter the time or trends. The glitter and bright shades in the decor can be a spoilsport if not used properly. Colors like gray, white, blue, peach and pink always elevate the aesthetics of the place without being unpleasant to the guests’ eyes. You can pair two shades like the classic white and blue if you don’t prefer monochromes. A color palette decides the rest of the wedding aesthetics, so take your time to select it.


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Lighting decides the mood of a place. One should go for warm lighting that is enough for visibility but not too much that it feels like a kid’s birthday party. Warm lighting not only gives a cozy vibe but also gives a scintillating photography experience.

If your wedding is intimate with limited guests, candles are something that will add a cherry on the cake. Tall candelabras on the guest tables go a long way to add a romantic and warm spark to the event, which is the feel you want guests to experience in your wedding.

Seating arrangement and cutlery

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You can have a long, royalty-like dinner table or compact round tables depending on the number of guests and the duration of your wedding. Cutlery is essential for guests to have a rich culinary experience. Cutlery that weighs heavy should not be used for its lack of convenience. One can go for silver plated, floral design cutlery. Napkins can have embossed/ embroidered initials of the bride and groom to add a personal touch.

You can also have the family heirlooms as something personal adorning the dinner tables.


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You should go for a refined menu with rich entrees, main course, and, dessert to make your wedding a memorable event. A hearty culinary experience goes a long way in making guests feel special. Choose items with vibrant colors that pop off your neutral palette cutlery and look inviting.


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You can never go wrong with flowers in your decor. You add freshness, fragrance, and a delicate element to the wedding. One can always go for classics like roses and orchids or go for a seasonal range of flowers that fit the ambiance of the venue and are not too bright. One should not overdo the flower decoration to the extent that it goes from rich to tacky. The bouquet in the bride’s hands should not have any unnecessary greenery or decoration. A simple, symmetrical bouquet elevates the look of the bride without making it look too much.

Wedding Cake

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There is a difference between a cake meant for a birthday party and one meant for a wedding. The cakes for a wedding usually are monochromatic and mainly white with slight floral decoration to add color. Multi-tiered cakes are classy and regal and are the way to go.


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The I do oaths taken in the backdrop of a rich and simple altar is an absolute delight and help keep the focus of guests on the main nuptials instead of being distracted by decoration. One should not overthink a simple white and green altar. Some things look the best when left unaltered.


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The bride and groom and their families cannot fully enjoy the wedding amidst the chaos of managing guests and fulfilling ceremonial obligations. They cherish it later in the photographs and videos. A photographer should be hired by looking at their portfolios and previous wedding events and ensuring they have expertise in clicking dim light photos. You can always check Pinterest to get ideas for posing perfectly on your D-Day.


A wedding is one of the milestone events of a person’s life that is cherished for a long time. You can always follow the latest trends on Pinterest  and Instagram and have funky weddings. But if you are an old soul delighted by simplicity, then classic weddings are the one for you. One should not stress over wedding planning or overthink. It is your special day that you should enjoy.