What Are Industrial Waste Heat Recovery Systems?

If you are a manager at any kind of factory or even own a bakery, surely you must know about the side effects of fossil fuels such as pollution. Nowadays, people are engaged in helping the environment by using renewable sources of energy, therefore, reducing energy consumption and contamination by carbon dioxide.

In the following text, we are going to introduce you with waste heat recovery systems and discuss their benefits.
What exactly is a waste recovery system and how does it work? Well, its main goal is to transfer and repurpose exhaust gases. When these gasses leave a furnace or any other piece of industrial equipment, they still carry an extensive amount of thermal energy that is released in the air, poisoning it and also us.

But now, there is a solution to this problem. These systems capture those gases and allow us to use them again. Basically, it is another way of recycling, and we know how beneficial it is for both us and nature.


Heat exchange unit transforms heat waste that is drawn out from flue gasses into hot water by cooling their temperature from 1200°C to 30°C – 60°C. This way about 80% of heat energy can be restored. Due to many different surroundings, a number of heat recovery solutions have been developed. Exodraft is one of a number of companies that creates various products and solutions.

Because of the many advantages these systems are now widely used in different industries. They can be implemented in both commercial (bar, restaurants, bakers, etc.) and light and heavy industries (aluminum production, heat treatment plants, glass, and production, etc.)

First of all, the greatest benefit is the reduction of waste. Obviously, plants produce a large amount of waste. It is just a part of the whole process. Some of it cannot be avoided, but others like heat can be reused. Not only are factory reducing the emission of poisonous gasses into the atmosphere but they are also saving money because they are recycling the energy.

This brings us to our next point. Facilities are constantly searching for new ways to cut down the costs but increase the efficiency and using waste heat recovery system is one of them. Even though it is cost effective at the same it enhances the factory’s productivity.

Furthermore, these systems allow us to conserve energy sources. We all know that our world has limited resources. Yes, we can restore them, but unfortunately, we are not doing that fast enough. We have to cut down on extracting energy sources from nature and turn to renewable ones, and that is exactly what these systems permit.


Lastly, some of the exhaust gasses, produced from different processes, are too toxic and dangerous, so they cannot be released directly into the atmosphere. Firstly, they have to be incinerated, which is just another costly process that is further polluting the environment. Instead of combusting them, waste heat recovery systems enables us to capture and reuse them for some other purpose.

To conclude, these are some main features and benefits of waste heat recovery systems. In many countries, the emission of CO2 is regulated by laws and if you want to reduce it, you should consider using some of these solutions.